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Thank you all!

31 March 2005
VA Beach, VA
I just wanted to thank those of you who supported me with info, which NSX's to stay away from, what to look for and everything. Hopefully, if my sig works it should show a pic of my car. The King of Honda reigns true, and am not in the LEAST bit unsatisfied with this car.
Even though I am military (enlisted, even), I know that you only live once, and now my days are filled with me dreaming of sitting in my car at a stop light listening to the C30 purr, amidst the oohs and ahhhs of cars around me. I'm beginning to enjoy stoplights almost as much as I do open road... :tongue: well... it's not really a CLOSE second, but it IS second.

I think I'm going to go sit in it now... :biggrin: Anyways, thanks to you all, and see you on the road.
Aaah I remember when I first got my NSX years ago. That day felt so much like a dream. :confused:

I think I better go look downstairs in the garage just for a sweet reminder :biggrin:

I really like those wheels! SSR Integral? or Konig Villain? I've had the same type on my Legend for over 7 years. Too bad they don't produce them any more...