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Thanks to all of you!

7 April 2008
I am leaving on sun. to drive to VA.to pick up an 97 yellow NSX looking forward to getting out with the car and meeting some of you ill post pics next week
Congrats. Post pics when you get a chance.
PERFECT! We all look forward to seeing your new baby.
I know which Yellow NSX you are purchasing from an older gentleman. I've driven and seen the car in person...it's clean! You'll enjoy this one!
thanks jebzter thats good news im driving 11 hours to buy a car ive never seen thats scary so thanks for letting me know
complete nightmare i can describe the car like this. It was dropped off a building then they spray painted over the dents because the guy told me that the car was nicer than it was it cost me $1000 people suck
Sorry to hear,

If possible pm a member where the car is located and ask if they will disect it for you.

Good luck in your search
You have to do more due diligence. Did you get close up photos? Have a prime member check it out? If not do so next time. I traveled as well but had detailed photos, they weren't perfect and there were some surprises but nothing like you describe. I have had selller's quarranty my travel costs, although I didn't take anyone up on it, if they are confident maybe you can get something loike that in writing next time. Sorry for your loss. There will be another one, maybe even closer to where you live. Hang in there!

thanks for the support the car was in Centreville VA.i did get lots of pics. but you can only tell so much for them