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The MovieTime! THEATER Construction Thread!

WOW. Thanks for posting this. It is simply amazing what you did with that room. I love it.

+1. HOLY COW! That is an awesome setup. I am building a HT room in our new house but man I wish I had your budget.:wink:

BTW, what kind of chairs are those in the front. I really like them.
BTW, what kind of chairs are those in the front. I really like them.

Thanks for the props. The chairs are by Acoustic Innovations. They are the Contempo style and were done in two-tone and motorized. They are pretty pricey because they are custom. If you look at the top of this thread, the second pic shows these chairs with a row of black chairs behind them. Those are made by Coaster and an entire row of 4 connected seats retails for about $1400-$1600 I believe. In this market, you can EASILY find that for under 1K for the entire row. I owned them for just over a year and they were great, not a single complaint about them. They're not custom, but they are solid chairs and comfortable.
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Ilya I am really impressed by this thread and your quality of work, honest to God I looked at where you live to see if you were intrerested in working with my company. I really want to know more about your ceiling work. Do you mind if I contact you directly on this?

Your pictures are making me think I should post some pics of some of my company's projects. There seems to be an interest here on prime. Unfortunately I don't have too much time for this forum anymore but I am glad I caught this thread.

I am amazed you were willing to give up the money seat dead center, but I suppose the room size limitations were a factor. The only issues I am wondering about are fan noise from the projector and from the computer behind the screen wall. I am doing most of our theaters rear projection now, using stewart's Starglas screen. No noise, no light issues in the room, spectacular picture. Have you used this glass before?
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Sure, I will PM you my contact info.

Yes, if I was demonstrating 2 channel in the room I would have likely arranged the front seating in the way you're describing with seating dead center in the front row. I would have also needed to move the front speakers into the room itself. My projects are almost exclusively automation and dedicated theater, so my 2-channel clients are non-existent. I really enjoyed my old Magnepans for stereo... it's just not my referal base so I couldn't justify keeping them and setting up a room for it.

With Synth systems we are dealing with separates for high/midrange and woofers with external passive crossovers, so the arrangement is completely different, more akin to commercial cinema where it's done that way.

Believe it or not, the money seats in this room are in the back row.
We placed the mics and did the manual equalization that way. The back row is the ideal seating distance for image quality as the front is a bit too close, so I decided to make the back row ideal for the audio. Since the majority of the seating is in the back row, it made sense to calibrate for that portion of the room. Honestly, that EQ is so powerful that it sounds great in every seat, but the back row is ideal for image.

The projector was originally intended to go inside the back wall, but it wasn't workable due to room size. So the next project is building a hushbox around the projector where it hangs. It's a surprisingly quiet unit as it's the single lamp model. The dual lamp would be too loud for anyone underneath it. The box will be good for aesthetics too.

The PC is only for games and not movies so I placed it behind the screenwall. It is loud enough to where I would normally place it outside the room, but since it's only for Gaming and for me I didn't mind. I originally hoped to put it in the rack, but could not find any rack mountable chassy that could come close to fitting and cooling what I have in that beast. :tongue:

Yep, I'm very familiar with Starglass. We had a project for a huge one (about 200" diagonal) for a living room. That client was in the loan business so I'm sure you can guess what happened to him and that project once the market crashed. :rolleyes: I think I still prefer a Studiotech130 or similar material to the glass (it has a kind of glossy and less film-like look to it), but a lot of clients like it. You just need extra space behind the screenwall for the mirror system and projector which I didn't have in my room.

Change BluRay to blu-ray and HD-DVD to HD DVD in your control panel images? :wink:

I've got my projector on a shelf I built much like your old room. It would certainly be ideal to get it out of the room even though it isn't horribly loud. I've learned a few things just from this small room that I can apply to the next one.
Ilya: First of all -- DAMN! That is extremely impressive -- very nicely done! Secondly, thank you for posting up so many detailed pictures of everything. I'm looking at putting in a home theater in my basement and there is a lot of inspiration I can pick up from your setup, even if mine will be on a much smaller scale and considerably tighter budget :)

What I find impressive is not only your current setup, but also the one you put together in your old place on such a tight budget! You're brilliant!