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The real reason why the NSX is the best sportscar to own!


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24 June 2009
Hi All,
I have recently got back from doing a trip to the Troy Bayliss Classic (A Motorcycle Event), at Taree in NSW in the NSX.

I went there for work too fit an update to one of our Clutch/Brake (CLAKE) systems for a couple of riders.

One of them, (the guy in the picture) was Stephen Gall, who is a 5 time Australian Motocross Champion and all round off road motorcycle legend.

This was an important trip for me and I was very keen to take the NSX, as well as circumstances would have it, I actually had no choice due to my Wife needing the only other suitable car.

Imagine my horror when I discovered, whilst doing an oilchange, a small but very worrying crack in the coolant bottle showing signs of a green stain.

I thought my best chance (I had to leave in two days) was to post on prime and see if anyone had a spare.

In less than 5min from posting on Prime, Ian had called me informing me that Scott had a brand new one but also unfortunately, that he was in Japan and wasn’t sure when he was back.

Then David rang offering me one he had replaced on advice of a dealer but thought was OK. A.S Motorsports replied saying they could get one here in a few days which was unfortunately going to be too late. Then the next day a guy named Paul who just happened to be on Prime, rings and offers me a repaired tank and then, brings it round to my factory in his NSX one hour later!

Have I left anyone out? If so I’m very sorry and my only excuse was that I have worked far too many late nights.

At this stage I thought that the best option was to take the repaired one as a spare and spend the whole trip having to keep one eye on the engine bay, not a trip I was looking forward to, and one in hindsight would have been somewhat of not possible in terms of luggage space.

Then Scott responded to a message I sent him, he had just that very moment, got back from Japan. He then packaged his nice shiny new tank, and raced to the post office, getting there just as the last pickup for overnight parcels arrived. A true Lifesaver!

The trip was a great success both in terms of work, and it was a great chance to spend some time with a good mate, who also loves motorcycles and is now also an NSX admirer.
The Car ran perfectly apart from the air conditioner drain blocking, resulting in my passenger’s feet getting somewhat wet.

I pulled out the foot-well plate and the Amplifier/Speaker which gave me access to the drain hose then I used the NSX’s tool kit compressor to unblock it. When I got home I pulled up the carpet but it was actually bone dry from the trip back.
The only other slight annoyance was the amount of tire noise generated by some roadsurfaces just into NSW on the Hume Hwy (This was no doubt exacerbated by not having the engine cover on, and rear tires that are nearing needing replacement).

The rest of the trip the car was amazing, they are such comfortable cars for long trips, and so much of a pleasure to drive.

How good is the NSX community! Thank you very much to everyone!
<o:p </o
Cheers Owen.


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Hey Owen, this community is great. Which includes you too as you drove all the way out to Lorbek's to inspect that first red NSX with me. So all the attention was well deserved. ;)

I was about to offer you my close to brand new tank but then remembered it's 'somewhere' in my 3x3 storage unit.

Looking forward to catching up.
Cool! I visited/partied in Manly, NSW in the mid-80's...with a local pro surfer, Kingsley Looker then traveled to Perth/Freemantle to "rest".
Hi Owen,
Really glad it all worked out, we only made the postoffice with seconds to spare.
Looks like you had a fun weekend and glad the NSX got the attention it deserved.

Hi Owen,

I'm pleased to hear that the trip was a success and you're right, Stephen Gall is certainly an Australian motocross legend.

In relation to the car, I suspect a lot of people have spares for the NSX because they see a part advertised somewhere and think, I might need that one day! We subsequently jump in and buy it, but as you know, not too much goes wrong with the NSX, so we all progressively accumulate various bits and pieces "just in case!!!"

The good part about that is, when somebody does need something, that there is always somebody around with the part you need. I should add, plenty are not only prepared to help, they are keen to help. So there is a number of good reasons the NSX is the best sportscar to own, but that is definitely one of them.


Couldn't agree more, I had a coolant pipe explode on my NSX a couple of years ago and was contacted quite quickly from perhaps Ian? or at least he put me onto someone who may of been able to help, cant remember exactly, it was a while ago but either way the aussie nsx enthusiasts are a great bunch of people :)