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Theories for allergies

Who said it was a theory? My son has a classmate that has that exact condition! No kids are allowed to bring anything that has peanuts in it to the class or the lunch room. Last week I went along on their 5th grade school trip to Orlando, and all flights had to be cleared of peanuts before we boarded. The kids brother also suffers from the same condidtion. They also can't eat anything that has any trace of peanut oil in it. Just a trace smell can cause them a reaction.
KGP said:
Who said it was a theory?
You obviously didn't actually read the whole article. They're not saying the allergy itself is a theory, but they do have a couple theories of WHY people become alergic to peanuts.
There is really no new information here. An allergy is the body's reaction to a substance of unknown origin. Today's children are being sterilized into susceptibility. Plain and simple. The real fun stuff is how anaphylactic reactions have become more aggressive in recent history.
My mom told me about a couple who had trouble conceiving for years and finally had a boy. They wiped down everything with alcohol before the boy used it. One simple cold and killed him.
I guess maybe we should stop washing hands before we eat.
My wife recently developed alot of food allergies, one of them are peanuts. They think it might be due to a latex allergy. She's been an operating room nurse for over 15 years and along with several coworkers, tested positive to latex. Latex has alot of potential cross-over allergies.

Now, except for a few necessary items, the operating rooms are virtually latex free.

Most of this happened about 2 years ago, bad times... many trips to the ER for allergic reactions but NONE since.