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Timing of oil change before storing for winter?

When I purchased my 2017 NSX late Dec last year it had 9.7K miles on it. The oil change indicator said it had 80 percent life remaining. By June 28 of this year with 15.8K miles on the car the indicator was down to 5 percent and started warning me at 10 or 15 percent oil life left. So I had the oil, filter changed and they gave the car a full inspection. I also had them replace the air and pollen filters at this time at my request. This isn't something they suggested but agreed it would be a good idea to do. When they replaced the rear diffuser under warranty the car had 17K miles on it and I paid for them to replace the dual clutch and transmission fluid and brake fluid. Now the car has 18.8K miles on it and the computer tells me the has 60 percent oil life left. I definitely don't baby my car but I do make sure the maintenance is done. With an engine that would cost about $90K to replace and a transmission and braking system that isn't cheap cutting corners on maintenance isn't smart IMO and will pay dividends down the road.

And the sensors that determine how hard the car is driven definitely seem to work because its only been 3K miles and 3 months since I had the oil changed and I'm being told I've used 40 percent of the oil life.

Also I just had a set of Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires installed (same as what the Type S gets). They are even stickier than the Conti Sportcontact 6s I got a few months ago and the ride quality is actually better. I'm running 32 lbs psi cold. From the tread pattern they look like they will be pretty awful in rainy conditions and I doubt they will last much more than 5K miles based on how soft the compound is. So I'll put the Conti's back on when we hit the rainy season in LA.

I thought the 22 Type S has a new version of P Zero (not a Trofeo R)

Yes we got ....bespoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe some of you folks can post up some UOI from Blackstone Labs? It would be interesting to see how the NC1 engine handles the oil over time- fuel contamination, moisture, etc. Like a UOI from an engine that just followed the computer versus a UOI from an engine that followed a more conservative schedule (once every 12 months, etc.). Obviously, usage will affect the values, but it might be an interesting comparison.
I have used Blackstone, but screwed up on my last oil change and failed to sample. I am also using it on my Volvo. That comparison would be interesting.
Great info. I don't have NSX branded tender but just a universal CTEK which should work as well except I need to install it in the front.

Yes a standard CTEK that has a AGM setting is perfect

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