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Tire Pressures on the Street

12 March 2005
Santa Clarita, CA
Just read the thread regarding "tire pressures on the track" and it got me thinking about my tire pressures. I do not track my NSX; strickly a street car.

My situation is this: I have a new 2005 (about 800 miles on it now) and it has CompTech adjustable swaybars front and rear (I have no idea what they're set at); CompTech non-compliance rear beam and toe links; Neuspeed Sport Springs that lower the car approx. 1.5 inches, with stock shocks.

The tires are Michelin PS-2's: 225/35 ZR18 on front and 275/30 ZR19 on the rear. According to Michelin, I should run 33psi in the front tires [cold] and 40psi in the rear tires [cold] (this, coincidentally, happens to be the same tire pressures that are posted on the door sill for the OEM tires, which were Bridgestone Potenza's: 215/40 & 255/40 on 17" rims).

I must also add that I have no idea whether my NSX oversteers or understeers. :redface: Unlike most of the NSX owners on this board, my experience and knowledge about such things is nil; notta; zero; cipher; one click past nothing. :eek: I do know that the alignment is set at factory specs, or so I am told by the dealer where I bought the NSX.

So, can anyone out there in NSX LAND give me some basic advice as to what tire pressures I should use on the fronts and rears. Feel free to offer any other advice, suggestions, comments, etc., regarding my setup. :smile:

With thanks and appreciation.

Your humble servant, i.e., a new NSX owner who knows nothing about NSX's.
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I would start with 33 front and 40 rear as recommended by the tire manufacture, and work from there depending on your needs.
To me, 33 psi front is fine to me, but 40 psi rear might be a bit high. And as for if your car understeers or oversteers, well, its really hard to tell....the best place to test the X is at the track.
From my experience, stock NSX tends to understeer, but since you have adjusable swaybars, it really depends on the setting.
I have a set of 17/18 Toyo T1-S, and I run 32 front and 35 rear, and also a set of 15/16 Kuhmo MX set at 31 front and 35 rear.....just a reference in case you want to compare.
freelance201 said:
I would start with 33 front and 40 rear as recommended by the tire manufacture, and work from there depending on your needs.
I agree. If you feel any adjustment is needed to the handling (excessive oversteer or understeer), then you can try making adjustments. Otherwise, just drive it that way. Keep an eye on your tire wear; tires wearing in the center of the tread faster than the edges are a sign of overinflation, and tires wearing faster on BOTH edges than in the center are a sign of underinflation. (Front tires that wear faster only on the inner edge are normal on the NSX and don't indicate anything in particular about the air pressure.)