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Tire Problem Question: What caused this!!

19 December 2004
Glastonbury, CT
I just bought a 2008 MazdaSpeed3 that I am fixing up as a little side project (173k miles). It shakes on the highway quite a bit. All 4 tires are shot but look at these fronts? I never seen anything like it. It looks like something was rubbing but it has over 1/2 clearance from what I can tell. Thoughts? I do know he had them inflated to 50 lbs instead of the stated 34 lbs. I checked all components and all looks good and feels tight. It does have a knock when you go over bumps which I have no located or reproduced on the list. The back shot mounts were perfect, I will get to the fronts this week. I don't know what to make of it. It's on both side identical (front only). Cut my finder on the wires sticking out....

well that kind of failure is usually from overheating due to chronic under-inflation.
I bet the previous owner was trying to make up for his mistake.......must over-inflate...that will fix it:wink:
Other thoughts:

1. crappy tires
2. crappy alignment
3. bend suspension (leading to bad alignment)

Also would be good to see the entire width. Is this wear just on the inside or outside, or both??


i had a tire do that. it was slightly over inflated ( maybe 5 pounds), i was driving 80 MPH for a long distance , and it was a very hot day (well over 100 degrees F). asphalt very hot.
the tire was not a well known brand - i cannot remember name but i think it began with a "w". when the tire came apart it took out my wiring harness. ever since then i have been very careful about my tires. i have heard that michelins never come apart.
As Larry noted your alignment is out.
Possibly your car's suspension was damaged in an accident.
Best to get it to an alignment shop and find out what's wrong.
I don't think it was in an accident but I will pull car fax. I am going to do a manual alignment check to see if I notice anything way out. I am changing the CV joints (@173k they have to be due). Then I will bring to aignment shop. I wish Joe was a little closer. I'm looking at Town fair tire... Maybe it worth driving a few hours down to Joe...
Underinflation on its own would show wear on *both* the inner and outer tread blocks. So a failure on the inside of a tire only is usually associated with too much negative camber, or even more damaging, a combination of too much negative camber and too much toe. Too much camber or toe is either poor alignment on a "good" suspension (tie rods, bushings, shock and strut mounts, wheel bearings, etc. are all OK, it's just aligned wrong) or as is likely in this case, something damaged where an in-spec alignment is not possible or a thing of the distant past.

Another thought: was this thing "hella-flushed" at some point?
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So not historically being my car it's a bit difficult to say. That said new tires getting picked up tonight. I will do the best trouble shooting I can from there. I'm perfectly willing to change some suspension components if needed. We will see where this goes this weekend...

Thanks for input.
Buy some Michelin PSS and you won't even need to upgrade the suspension. The wear on these tires is like nothing I have ever seen in my life!