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Tire question regarding TRACK time

Would there be a safety concern with harnesses and no HANS device?

I've heard people talking on the track about how a harness doesn't allow your torso to move forward, thereby transferring all forward motion to your neck and head. If you don't have a HANS type device, you run the risk of neck & spinal injuries... or is that all BS?

HANS is old.. Many better HNR's out there. I'm amazed at the number of people that make and repeat safety comments that just haven't done any research (I am not talking about you, but these repetitive safety "issues" that pop on car forums). I am very concerned with safety and so I did a lot of reading on this. I also posted a lot of threads on prime on this. I've read a lot beyond that, watched videos, talked to knowledgable people in the field.

Your torso definitely DOES move even with a harness. Harnesses stretch. Just because you can't push forward while parked doesn't mean it won't when your body goes careening forward at 60 MPH. Does it stretch as much as a 3 point? Definitely not... More stress on head and neck? Possibly... It depends on the accident.

Here is what I came away with, these are my opinions:

1) Accidents are accidents. No two are alike, no two have the same forces exerted on your body. It is impossible to make blanket statements, you just prepare for "most likely" scenarios.

2) A 3 point belt, for the lack of a better term, is a really shitty way of restraining a body. Why is it so prevalent? Because it is easy to put on and take off. Engineers are constantly trying to work around its compromises.

3) The whole concept of spinal injuries when a car rolls because of a harness exaggerated. Can it happen? Yes. But the majority of accidents don't happen like this. Not having a harness installed on a correct seat properly because there is a risk of spinal injury on a rollover is throwing out the baby with the bath water. A 5/6 point harness provides a world of safety over a 3 point.
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I have had one of these for years for the track and love it. keeps the oem lap belt part tight. It's no harness, but for oem setup it work well.


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LOL... Jim's safety gear for the track for the past few years: a CG lock and a tight pair of underwear.
Kidding aside, the thing works and is better than just the oem 3 point. I'm not putting a harness in my car. 80% of the time is driving on the street. Plus, I wore a 5 point at work everyday for 12 years.

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LOL... Jim's safety gear for the track for the past few years: a CG lock and a tight pair of underwear.

This is pretty much my safety gear plus a diaper and a neck brace..:redface: