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Tires for Acura NSX 1992

I use those on my suv ,nice all a rounder
I was wondering what kind of all season tires I should get for my car. The tires sizes are these 205/45/ZR16 Any recommendations? Thank you.
A stock 92 would have fat fives, 205/15” up front and 225/16” in the rear.

Doc’s recommendation is for 96-02 16”/17” 7-spokes. I’m not sure that the conti’s suggested are avail in 92 spec. But there are lots of us who have replaced the fat fives with 7-spoke.
what is your front size?
It would seem the fronts are 205/45-16. And as the rears are 255/40-17, I think the op has 7-spoke.
Agree, that's what most people run these days on the 7-spoke, since 215/45/16 is almost totally gone as a size.