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Tires for stock 92 15/16 rims

15 October 2014
My NSX needs new tires. Im currently running the tiny stock 15/16 inch rims and was wondering if anyone has had experience buying this tires in 2016 because most of the ones recommended are discontinued. Or should I just get one of the ones on tire rack from a good manufacture? Thanks
I recently ordered and installed a set of the DZ102's for my 1993. Shipped them directly to my local Tire Kingdom store. Everything went like clockwork. I don't track my car so I did not see the justification for getting the Star Specs. The DZ102's run smooth and quite and track very well on the highway - overall very satisfied with them.
My DZ102s are okay. They last the longest and are the most comfortable out of all the options, but they are average in everything else and bad in shady weather.