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Titanium lug bolts

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I have SOS spacers 12.5mm front and 20mm on the rear. So finding Titanium lug bolts has been challenging. Acer Racing offers Titanium lug bolts for 2017-2021 NC1 OEM wheels but not for OEM wheels and spacers.

I happen to check the other day and Porsche 911 Titanium Lugs will probably work. They have a size that measures 52mm which is equivalent to our stock 30mm plus 20mm spacers + 2mm. There appears to be enough space to allow for the 2mm. For the front they have some that are 44mm in length which is equivalent to our 30mm plus 12.5mm spacers + 1.5mm.

So I ordered same and will test them to insure they fit. You can get them either natural color or black. The quality looks great. The seats are ball which will work with the OEM wheels. The washers slip on the shaft which is what my SOS steel lugs that came with the SOS spacers do. About $450.
Well, I got the new Lug bolts. They are nicely finished, and fit perfectly. The rears were slightly shorter than the ones that came with the SOS spacers. So for sure no issues. The fronts were slightly longer, but no interference. I raised the front so that I could spin the wheels. I did try a rear which is longer by around 8 mm to 9 mm longer and there was interference. The first pic is bare steel bolts that came with SOS Spacers. The next pic is with the black plastic covers. The third pic is the Titanium bolts from AcerRacing.


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I ordered a titnaium set for my wheels as well 28mm (I have aftermarket wheels and reused the factory bolts for the time being)
My understanding is that the OEM wheels for the 2017-2021 NSX use 30mm lug bolts. I understood that the Type S has a different offset so that spacers are no longer needed. Would that make the required lug bolts different. I guess it depends on which wheels you purchased?

Using the OEM lug bolts seems scary given that most aftermarket wheels use conical seats vs the OEM wheels that use ball seats. I understand if you use the wrong seat that you can experience problems?