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Titanium Lug nuts with locks

2 October 2003
NOTL, Ontario. Canada
For sale are a set of Titanium Lug nuts with locks will fit both NA1/2 NSX's (Purchased for my 1997 now sold)
The Spec's are:
Length 35 MM
Cone 45 (Honda Spec)
Weight 24.9g
Close end

Price $300.00 Plus shipping and Fees

BramLugs 1.jpglugs 2.jpgLugs 3.jpg
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The gen 1 NSX have 12x1.5 thread pitch. Are these 1.25 or 1.5?
Note that these are (looks like standard 60) cone seat, so should ONLY be used for aftermarket rims. Stock Honda OEM rims (& many Porsches) use a 14 mm ("ball") rounded seat, so do not use these lug nuts with OEM rims. Nice cross-sectional diagrams of the difference between OEM and aftermarket here:

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Not sure what this means...these specifications are directly off the Manufactures information sheet (QR Code), and they make these for several deferent makes and models.

There is no picture with an exact cross section in the 1st post, but the 3rd pic sure looks like a 60 degree cone, not a 45. 60 degree cone is pretty much the standard for aftermarket rims (and several OEMs, but not Honda). Ironically, the diagram on the SOS site is drawn incorrectly, not showing a 60 degree cone, but the pics and the label identify it as 60 degrees, & I can confirm those SOS lugs fit my rims with a 60 degree cone seat.

When choosing lug nuts, you have to match the lugs threads (diameter and pitch) as well as the mating surface of the rim you want to use. 12 x 1.5 mm matches the threads on the lugs of NA1 & NA2 NSX's. But those are clearly not ball (radius) mating surfaces for the rims, like Honda uses for it's OEM rims, which appear in cross section as a hemisphere. Maybe check with the manufacturer to be sure they aren't (exceptionally rare) 45 degree cones, which I believe are only used in oval racing.

Rim mating surface explained well here with a great diagram:
As noted there, r14 ball seats are pretty standard for Honda & Acura OEM rims.
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Those are definitely not ball seat lugs made for oem wheels. Those should work with aftermarket wheels.
What brand are they?