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To BUY Stock...or...

22 September 2000
Dallas TX
So, I was wondering...How often might one come across a modified NSX for sale? If so, would it be a reccomended buy? Should I be worried about extreme abuse and engine wear? Or is the assumption generally correct when figuring that it was taken care of.

In buying ANY used NSX what are some of the most common problems and are there any model years to avoid and why? I guess this post asks two questions, but I am hoping to learn as much ahead of time as possible. Thanks in advance guys. ^_^

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?
It depends.

Basically, if you have an idea of what mods you would want on the car, and you can find one with those specific mods, you may be able to get a nice deal, compared against buying a stock car and doing the mods yourself. As a general rule, the mods are worth anywhere from 0 to 50 percent on the dollar of their original parts and labor cost.

You might want to check the FAQ part of this forum at http://www.nsxprime.com/toc.htm Under the "Performance" heading, you can look through comments about all the various mods to see how they rate.

While you're in the FAQ, you can read about problems under the "Troubleshooting" heading. Keep in mind that this includes any problem that anyone has ever found. The only ones that are really major concerns with respect to model year are the snap ring problem, which affected some '91-92 (93?) cars that can be identified by transmission number, and the window regulator problem in the '91-92 cars that is preventable with an inexpensive preventive mod using parts from Dali Racing.

Look at the adds in this marketing section. This is by far the best NSX page. If I could do it again I would get an NSX with RM exhaust and headers with some wider wheels. Then slap on some NOX and you should be good to go. The average man in an NSX desires more power. The exhaust mods run about 3k for a measly 20hp. Nitrous can boost 70-150hp. Turbo and superchargers a 10k.

NSX is a very well engineered platform. 91 are a good deal. There where not many changes untill they bumped up the displacement in 95-96?? to 3.2L. This would be the next stage. Except the first year for the T model did not have enough structural integrity. It all depends if you drive like a granny or need to kick it up a notch.