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Ultimate car racing game (idea)

31 October 2004
Midland, MI
Well, the next series of consoles is already starting to pop out, flooding the market with demands for bigger and better games. So, I thought, why not think up the best possible racing game...a game that just might have the technology now to be feasable on a console. This could only be a dream, but I'm really hoping that either Forza 2 (if it's made) or the next installment in the GT series can meet these design and gameplay criteria - features I think would combine to create the best driving game ever created.

Graphics and visual stuff
- Fully modeled interiors as found in the new Project Gotham game. After playing that, I really do not think I could think the same about any other type of game where all you get to look at is a tach and speedometer or the ass of your car. Being able to control the car from INSIDE the car creates a whole new level of enjoyment and realism. Working gauge clusters, accurately modeled interiors (wheels, dash, radio, rollcage...whatever's inside the real cars) and the ability to look around your environment in at least a 180* arc are, once combined, a wonderful addition to any game.

- Realistically modeled exteriors. Let's say, one step up from the latest PGR game, which, to me, still looks a little cartooney. Carbon fiber should look like carbon fiber, not like a checkerboard. Painted carbon pieces should still have a weave visible in sunlight (PGR did this beautifully with their Murcielago GTR). Wheels and brakes that have a real sense of 3D to them. Headlights that look real on or off.

- Customizability. Something like one step up from Forza, with real-world exterior addons, wheels, graphics, and performance parts. Each should be modeled to fit seamlessly with the stock car, not to look like it was photoshopped onto it. The graphics generator should be like the one found in Forza, only much easier to use. It should have the ability to add text, have a sticker for each part offered, and have automatic graphic generators for the common stuff (like racing stripes) so people don't have to spend an hour trying to get all the pieces to line up on two strips. Most importantly, though, a MUCH LARGER selection of wheels (like the selections offered in GT4, only with real names instead of numbers). The wheels should also be made to look like they BELONG on the car, not like they were photoshopped on. You should be able to paint any car any color you want...a selection as found in NFSMW would be nice, minus the flashy ones that make it look too cartoony. Any color should be available in a pearl, matte, or glossy finish, and should look like a real paint job. Certain unique colors would be included, too, like the camelion paints and candy paints.

- Scenery and Track textures should be photorealistic. I really think that we're getting close to this one...GT4 on Hi-def is very close but not quite there. A stepped up version of those graphics would be nice.

- Tire marks and smoke should LAST. Tire marks should last an entire race. I think Forza does this, but they seem to fade as time goes. Allow for rubber buildup on the track and have that give extra traction in the corners. Tire smoke should billow and cloud, not just dissipate into the air. That has been a very dissapointing aspect of these games recently, because EVERYONE wants to do a burnout in the game and have it look real.

- Exhaust flames should be present, but only when they would occur in the real world. A stock Civic Si is not going to blow flames every time it downshifts (as in GT4) but a racecar might (left out in Forza). Have it be realistic looking and only on those cars that could do it normally.

- Weather should be present, as well as night and day switching. It should rain and snow and be cloudy and sunny all on the same track. Weather should come and go without predictability. You could start the race with a forecast and see what the weather will do, make your tire selection accordingly and see how it turns out, just like in a real race. It could start out cloudy and rain on and off...the track should be, therefore, slickened when wet, and dry out slowly picking up more grip as it gets drier. If you are running a 24 hour race, it shouldn't be SUNNY the whole time. Shit, it's 24 hours - make it go from day to night to day!


- GT4-ish with a little less snap-oversteer, and a little bit better physics on the dirt and in the snow. I think GT4's physics are probably closest to being the best, but these are problems that I found annoying. Cars with dirt tires or snow tires should NOT act like they are running slicks in the dirt, sand, or snow. Getting a little bit sideways should NOT send me into an uncontrollable snap oversteer spin.

- xBox like triggers for gas/brake. I know some may disagree, but I find this the best way to control a car. I love being able to give 1/2 throttle around a hairpin...I know the PS2 controller's X and Square buttons are pressure sensitive, but I find it much too difficult to accurately control throttle input and brake input. At least OFFER a controller that has this feature if it's not present in the system already.


- Here's where I see the biggest changes. Tuning has often been a mystery for me, and a lot of other people. I read the scrolling text telling me that increasing this will cause that, etc, but I'm never QUITE sure how little or how much to change settings. Here are my ideas:
* Have an AutoTune feature. This would be a small program in the game that would allow you to check off your priority (top speed, acceleration, or lateral acceleration and handling) and would calculate the BEST changes and make them. These would be, of course, number based (top speed in MPH, Acceleration in 0-60 time and 0-100 time, handling on lateral G's, etc.). HOWEVER, it wouldn't just change the settings, it would tell you what it changed and how much. That way you could start to learn what to do in order to get the best results. That's right - you would LEARN. Each change could then be highlighted and selected and it would tell you a general idea of why it did the change (the "if you do this, that will happen" statement, only more in depth). Over time you would use the autotune feature less and less and learn more and more about how to properly set up a car.

* Have a DYNO like in NFSU. That was a cool feature. Small little animation, but it was cool...maybe in this one you could tune the fuel map (like have an "advanced" section or something) and learn how to do that too. That would be an awesome addition.

* If you have an option of "Weight balance" like in GT4, please put in a COG chart showing how the changes you are making are effecting the car. That was the most vague addition to that game, and to this day I still can't figure it out.

* Have the tunability be complete, like in Forza. I like the tire pressure thing...that was a cool addition, especially when you couldn't have a modified car. Also be able to tune boost pressures and fuel map (as stated above). The fuel map could be linked to an AutoTune program made specifically for it, which would also say what it changed, how much it changed it by, and why.


- More opponents. Have races involve up to 30 or 40 cars. Have some races include different classes, as in real life. This would make everything a lot more exciting because you would either have to watch for lap traffic or worry about being lapped by a higher class car.

- Better AI. PLEASE. I am getting tired of being rammed and spun out by dumb computer cars. Better doesn't necessarily mean tougher, but make them SMARTER. Have them pass where there is a passing lane and avoid accidents.

- Damage. At least have this as an option. If there is damage, have cosmetic, partial, and full. In full, have it be like real life - you can get a flat tire, run out of gas, blow an engine, etc. Have crashes and yellow flags. Don't have the yellows be computer controlled with you watching, either. Be able to control the car while in yellow, keeping your position, and keeping the tires warm. Pit if necessary, and have pitting be human controlled if selected (as an option).

- Races should be based on classes (like in Forza). This makes things interesting because you can't just hop into any fully modified car and lap the competition 4 times in every race. Have it be based on HP and weight and other factors as in real life. Have short, long, rally and endurance races.

- Have winning MEAN something. Not just collecting trophies and getting % completed higher. Not just getting more money. Have it mean something...not sure how, but that would be cool.

- Garages - be able to create folders, or different "sections" for your garage. This would make finding cars a lot easier. Have one for "rally cars" and one for "race only cars", one for "stock cars" and one for "modified cars"...allow to create your own sections, too. Be allowed to walk around your garages in virtual space, as in the PGR game.

- Cars - All the classics, domestics, imports, european, and exotic cars that they can cram into it, leaving out the crap that nobody cares about. Get cars from all price ranges, and have the price of the car reflect what it costs in real life.

It's late, and that's all I can think about...but man, if they made THAT game...I'd buy it for $100. Thoughts?
Two best racing games are for the PC only.... liveforspeed.com and gtr-game.com by FAR THE BEST GAMES. LFS is the best multiplayer game and GTR the best graphics/physics.
NeoNSX said:
I'm just going to sit back and wait for somebody to start talking about GT5. ;)

I was just thinking about that Neo. However TOCA3 is comming out this year, and that was a simulator, they had a manual mode with a clutch button!

And for everything AutoEuphoria said, I had the exact same thoughts. Now that the 360 is out and ps3 is comming out soon, the level of simulation is now taken on a whole new level.
Gran Turismo lacks the fun factor. Sometimes it's too serious.

Finished the 1st one when noone had heard of it, many years ago.

Then came GT2 out, bought the game but didn't get serious with it.

Bought GT3 and played 24/7 and lost all of my friends.

Not long ago came GT4, bought it, and now it's just in the game collection, don't play it so much. Just every now and then play with the NSX on different realworld tracks :)

If I know myself right, I will loose some more friends when the GT5 comes + Playstation 3 :)

I haven't been satisfied with a game yet. The Need4Speed games is just too much arcade, it becomes very boring. Cool cars though...
The GT-series is too serious, it demands too much, very little fun factor. But really love all the different cars...

I will never be happy with a racing game :) I guess you have to buy different driving game for different needs, just like cars...
CL65 Captain said:
Two best racing games are for the PC only.... liveforspeed.com and gtr-game.com by FAR THE BEST GAMES. LFS is the best multiplayer game and GTR the best graphics/physics.

i agree totally. liveforspeed has amazing multiplayer support and by far the most accurate physics engine.

but i gotta give props to GT4. this game was love at first sight! I just think it lacked two things: Realistic damage and internet multiplayer support.

Also....don't forget colin mcrae rally series....realistic and has a huge fun factor.
What I wish in the next GT5 will be some Race Queens on the track just before the race starts and the audience should be solidly built not a paper thick. Also the convertible should remain a convertible when racing.:smile:
You know how in PGR2 (i dont know about 3) there is that huge showroom to pick your car and stuff. Well I had an idea this morning after watching Top Gear(which had nothing to do with the episode or show). When you go in lets say the Acura dealer to pick an Acura car, It would look like an Acura Dealer and stuff. Same with Ferrari, Ford, Fiat, BMW, etc... Not only that! But have promotions, like...10% off all curent Mustang GTs......And even cooler...a Pre-owned section of the dealer. So you can find a higher milage car and pay much less, and with the highermilaghe comes a performance decrease. I think this will make the game even much more realistic then anyone thought.
Pacemaker Kid89 said:
And even cooler...a Pre-owned section of the dealer. So you can find a higher milage car and pay much less, and with the highermilaghe comes a performance decrease. I think this will make the game even much more realistic then anyone thought.

It is feautered in Gran Turismo 4.
Another idea is to put the actual footage of each car being driven sort of like advertisement. Sometimes CGI is not enough...for me.:biggrin: