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To my fellow Texas NSX forum members.

14 May 2007
Beaumont, Texas
I hope you all are safe and dry from this tragic weather you've been hit with.:frown: Feel free to chime in and let us know.

Hi David,

Thanks for the concern! So far over flow is starting to subside and clear!

I hope we learn that all TX members and their cars are safe from the flood waters.... some pretty scary videos and stories on the news lately.
We live on the south side of the Blanco River in Wimberley but way high up so no damage. Some of our neighbors that live on the lower section of our street got 4 - 5 feet of water. Across the river, homes were washed away and they are still looking for family members that were lost when a house where they were visiting just a few yards upriver from us collapsed from the rushing water / debris.

The bridge on Fischer Store road was washed away, which means I won't be able to drive one of my favorite roads until it is replaced.

Here is a picture of the RR 12 bridge going into Wimberley from the South. The bridge is now open with a traffic signal controlling alternate one way.



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I'm sitting high and dry in Cedar Creek 15 miles southwest of Bastrop. The area was without power for 2 days. We returned from being out of town on Tuesday evening. We found no damage other than no power. My girlfriend and I went to her parents house to get a generator. While at her parents house, our neighbor called to tell us the power had been restored. We got the generator anyway anticipating an unstable restoration of power. Power has been up ever since. Water was out briefly Wednesday morning.
Things are all good in Allen! Grass is nice and green now we just need some sunshine so I can get the NSX out of the garage for a spin :smile:
Up here on Lake Lewisville / Lake Dallas, not too bad .... all time record high lake level
and several homes that have had their pools and back yards turn in to the lake.
A whole new meaning to Infinity Pool! Bought a boat....