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Tokyo motor show - NSX-R concept

6 March 2000
Was reading the Honda press release for the tokyo motor show and found a few interesting things:
1) the 3.5 v6 with electric motors automobile that some were saying will be the next NSX is a mid engined concept car, maybe to judge consumer reaction? precurser to the next NSX???

2) NSX type R being shown. I would think this is the 2002 revised model everybody has been talking about but funny thing is Honda shows that this car is just a concept? What does this mean, could it be a hint of the next generation NSX already?

A lot of neat things being shown next week, including the new Z, Toyota sports car based on the Lexus SC430, Mercedez F400 capable of 1.28 g's with it's radical suspension, and the usual weird toylike japanese concept vans and cars.