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Top Speed headers front cylinder bank primary

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
For owners of Top Speed headers: We are installing a set supplied from a customer today. The front cylinder's primary on the front bank has been malleted down. It looks intentional, not damage from shipping. I've looked online, and can not find any photos showing this on other sets sold online. Did your set come with this?


-- Chris
Got this worked out. The pipes were malleted in to clear the oil pan. We test fit a Top Speed header with out this being malleted and they conflict with the oil pan. If you have a set with out these modifications, you may want to make sure they are not hitting the oil pan.

-- Chris
Chris, mine do have that flat spot on the front headers... I noticed it right away. I have yet to put mine on though..... :frown:
So much for Quality..."Mallet to fit" :eek: