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Traffic school question.....

19 May 2003
Temecula, CA
I asked the Judge for "level two' traffic school because I already took T.S. less then a year ago...anyways, he said I could take it, but there was no guarantee that it would help with my insurance premium???
I said "I'll take the chance"...but now I'm wondering what is the deal, some say that level two only keeps the point off your record but the violation will show on your record and some say that it will be kept off your record completely...My insurance co. said that it just looks at your record and doesn't care if it is a point or not, if it's on your record, it goes against you...

Anybody have any experience with taking level two or inside info on the insurance game :biggrin: ???

I'm scheduled to start tomorrow(SAT and SUN from 9-5) ..I don't want to waste a whole weekend(16 hrs) and $120 if it is all for nothing...

any info would be appriciated...
NsXMas said:
Hmmm, according to a CHP traffic officer I spoke to, he said the courts never track whether you've taken traffic class before. So keep taking the classes, it should be worthwhile.

I wish that was the case, but when I asked to take traffic school, the judge said I wasn't even close to the 18 month mark...That's when I asked for level two....And the previous ticket was in Orange County and this one was in San Diego County...Looks like the court system has caught up to technology now and knows too much :mad: :biggrin: