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TURBO 93 Lexus SC300 NA-T (10 second 1/4 mile)


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9 July 2007
Tulsa, OK

As usual, I spend months building a car just the way I want it, and then it sits in the garage because I am too scared to drive it. This car has taken 9 months and ridiculous amounts of money to get it in the shape it is in.

It is a 93 Lexus SC300 with approx 110k on the chassis, 40k on the shortblock, and about 5k on the TH400.

Timing belt/water pump/seals all have less than 15 miles on them. New transmission fluid, new brake fluid, new oil. New 97+ kit, wheels etc all have < 15 miles on them.

I also replaced the engine wiring harness because it had been hacked up. Every electrical connection on here has been soldered, shrink wrapped and then taped.

Due to the loose TC, I don't have accurate dyno numbers on race gas. On 91 w/ meth it did 454rwhp (bear in mind that is through a TH400.) The car ran an 11.1 prior to me fixing everything, so I think it would be fair to assume this car will run mid 10's.

Here is a list of the mods, although I am sure I am forgetting a lot of them

3mm head gasket
BL Stage 2 turbo kit 67mm turbo.
HKS Boost Controller
AEM EMS (GM IAT, AEM 3.5 Bar MAP sensor) just refreshed by AEM
AEM Uego Wideband (<15 miles on it.)
HKS Gate
BLTH400 transmission, Transbrake, custom spec converter
Custom Driveshaft
Supra TT Auto Limited Slip Differential
Dakota Digital (<15 miles on it.)
Twin Walbros
880cc injectors (just flow tested and cleaned)
Steel braided fuel lines, anodized fittings
Aeromotive FPR with Gauge
Tutone black/tan interior
1997+ full body upgrade (<15 miles on it.)
5% tint
HID’s – Headlights and Foglights
19x8.5/19x9.5 wheels with 10mm Project Kics Spacers (<15 miles on it.)
Snow Performance Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection
Tein Coilovers
Defi Boost and EGT Gauges in Custom Gauge Pod (<15 miles on it.)
Crower 264/272 Cams (<15 miles on it.)
Crower Titanium Springs/Retainers (<15 miles on it.)
LS400 calipers/rotors
Greddy Tubo Timer(<15 miles on it.)
Custom Clear Sidemarkers (<15 miles on it.)

I flew Justin Nenni up here to tune the car (about 2 months ago) and the car has been driven twice since then.


Gas Gauge works intermittently with < 1/4 tank. I believe this is due to the float being moved for the 2nd fuel line.
AC mod needs done on the AEM for it to work. I can fix this when I find the time.
Gauge lights turn off when headlights turn on (working on fixing this.)












$19k. Open to interesting trades although not willing to add any $$ to the deal...

Sold an NSX on here, several cars on Clublexus, and you can check my feedback on ebay - jonnymccann