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Turbo reliability

17 February 2000
San Francisco, CA
WEll, this message is intended for David as he has experience with turbo and supercharge. But anybody are welcome to make comments as well. What is the reliability comparison between turbo and supercharger? How big of power difference are they? do u have any problem with the intercooler mounted behind the rear wheel?
I LOVE the turbo! But I have one flaw.. I'm getting a new engine right now!
Nothing like boost! The intercooler behind the wheel hasn't been a prob. so far. I heard a lot of people don't like the turbo kit tho.
My turbo set-up is too new for me to comment much on reliability. The supercharger was as reliable as the stock engine, in my opinion. I corresponded with several people who have blown up engines with turbos, but I have never even heard of a serious problem with the Comptech supercharger. Every person I heard from who blew a turbo motor is pretty sure it leaned out. You will hole a piston PDQ that way.


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Exactly I leaned out even WITH the "Mech Tech" fuel system which consist of 3 RC injectors and a Haltech add.fuel cont. The comptech unit is only pushing like TEN HP
that's why they never have probs. I'll be running low 11's as soon as I get my car back!