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Turn signals not working

5 December 2018
I was working on the side turn signal in my NSX, this is the one on the front fender on a Japanese spec car. I was fiddling with some LED turn signals and just thought I'd test one for a moment to see if it hyperflashes, I removed the original bulb with it flashing and as I was about to push the wires of the LED turn signal in I thought "I probably should be careful I don't short this" and bingo, I did just that. No turn signals work, nor do the green tuirn signal lights in the speedo cluster. Fine, so I went to the footwell fusebox and checked the 10amp fuse there, it looked fine but I replaced it anyway, and I still have no turn signal function. I really would have thought this is just me blowing the fuse like an idiot but that hasn't fixed it. Does anyone have any ideas?
Its a JDM spec car with JDM wiring? If so, all I have is a North American Service manual and it could be a bit of a guess as to what the differences are.

The 10 A fuse you checked in the footwell was the #5 fuse? If so, do as Kaz suggests and check the 10 A #46 fuse in the main relay box under the front hood.

If both of those fuses are good, as a long shot check the 15A #38 fuse in the main relay box. The #38 fuse powers up the side marker relay unit on NA cars (which are separate from but connected to the signal lights). The JDM cars lack the front and rear turn signal markers; but, if your fender lights are powered up in the same way as NA cars you might have popped that fuse. If the fender lights are powered directly off of the main turn signal circuit then you won't have a side marker relay unit and the #38 fuse won't be an issue.

If you ignore the turn signal cancellation unit, the turn signal system is fairly straightforward. If all the fuses are OK you are pretty much into a damaged wire (unlikely) of a problem with the flasher unit. If you don't want to diagnose by replacement I think you are pretty much into having to do the functional test on the flasher unit as set out in the service manual.
Automotive fuses are typically fast blow and are usually pretty good at minimizing damage in the event of a short. However, since your car has to be moderately old and if you have the original flasher unit the short may have pushed it over the edge.

Thanks guys, sorted. It was the fuse in the box under the hood. The system is so simple I was kind of shocked it wasn't the fuse in the cabin, I didn't realize there were two different fuses relating to the same system.
It's a very simple system, yes. I was doing some LED work as well trying to diagnose recently and from what I can tell in the manual, the flasher on your dash and the one going to the signals are all on the same node. So if there is no signal on the dash, then it would be a fuse problem. If there is, then a bulb/LED problem.