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Two Questions

30 November 2000
Prescott, AZ, USA
Upon returning from a six-week trip I found two problems. I'd appreciate some info.

First, I heard a strange noise from underneath the car while driving 40 mph. I checked the FAQ and found in "what's that noise" reference to the antilock brake pump. My noise started with a sound like a rock is hitting the undercarriage, followed my a sound like something is hitting the fan (for about 3-5 seconds). Is this the antilock brake pump working? If it is, I plan to "exercise the system" as described in FAQ.

Second, the airconditioner blows cold only on the passenger side. Again, I checked FAQ, but the suggested fuse check proved to be a dead end. How much of a problem (i.e., $$$) am I dealing with here?
Thanks for providing access to the thread related to my airconditioner problem. I remember reading it, but couldn't get back to it during the shutdown.