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Type S steering wheel & gear knob

8 June 2000
Hong Kong
Does anyone know where I can buy the steering wheel & titanium gear knob from the Japanese Type S NSX?

cxray in Hong Kong
I have some contacts in Japan that might be able to get you one. Although I have no idea how much it will cost.
I can find out if you ar interested.
The knob I think is the same as the zanardi which you can get through Tracy Townsend the NSX parts guy.
The steering wheel looks identicle to a Momo race or Momo Competition wheel to me. I think if were to go that rout I would simply order the Honda horn button from japan and get the rest from the US since it will be chaper and should look the same.
my friend went to see the 99 Tokyo Auto show and bought the NSX type S shifter along with the steering wheel. For me, the shifter seems too tall to shift. IF you have a 97+ NSX i would recommond using the S2000 titanium shift knob AND the S2000 steering wheel. I'm thinking get the S2000 3 spoke steering wheel but still wondering if it'll fit my NSX.
btw, the NSX Type S goodies are VERY expensive(even the Honda horn is pricy too!)


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Thanks guys!
I have just ask my Acura dealer to see if he could get hold of the knob & steering wheel.
The S2000 steering wheel also looks nice. It also carries an air-bag but I'm not sure whether this will create problem when fitting onto the NSX.
May be I should head for the 2000 Tokyo Motor Show to shop around.