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UK access to car for deposit holders

22 October 2014
Hi all,

Just to let you know that I went to a UK invitation only "launch" yesterday and wanted to report back my findings.

Going to bullet point it because it's easier.

These were the main headings:

Despite being in first 100 with deposit in place since august 2014, my build slot is october 2017 with delivery in december.

UK cars cannot get the nicest Y spoke wheels, we only had option of uglier wheels in three finishes, painted, machined or polished.

Early cars have no choice but carbon rotors £8400 option inc all taxes. Caliper colour choice doesn't affect price.

All UK cars come with 9 speaker system, but nav is an option that includes parking sensors.

I intended to order the pearl white but it looks very silver - went with 160R which was far nicer.

The metallic red is by far the most preferred colour among the confirmed deposit holders.

UK cars do not present the door handle as you walk up to the car.

We do not have orange indicators or the repeaters in the rear wings.

Carbon roof is standard on all UK cars - no idea why - seems like an expensive standard option to me.

Mats are £1000!!!

Apparently only 500 cars heading for the UK over the entire lifetime of the car.

Car only being released in 5 countries - US, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Italy (where's Japan?)

They said 1000 cars per year to the states, am sure all the reviews said factory capacity was 800 in total?????

Only one dealership in whole of UK responsible for sales and servicing. (5 miles from me!!)

Free servicing included with car for 3 years, including collection and delivery from anywhere in UK on a flatbed.

best part:

Free bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal 2007, in nice box handed out at end to each deposit holder. £150 worth!

The car on display was the same car from Geneva, now 2.5 years old. Felt a little flimsy but they said it's not really production ready. Very shiny plastic on the inside door handles, felt a little cheap in places. Glove box didn't work.

Did get to start the engine on several occasions which was fun and interesting. The tft display is excellent!

Nav system wasn't functional but was visually correct.

Starter button was still in centre of shuttle dial - much prefer that - shame.

UK car is being type approved in june - we'll get info on official 0-60 - fuel consumption and CO2 emissions which affects UK tax. Provisional number for this was 226g CO2/KM - surprisingly high for a hybrid that has a full electric mode, usually they can use that to artificially reduce the drive cycle emissions massively.

Anyway, main point I wanted to get across is this:

This car is not a MEH car to look at. In the flesh it is STUNNING. I was not taken by its looks in the pictures or reviews previously. In the flesh it is a completely different matter. It is very much R8 in proportion, it's lack of overhangs and width to length ratio, not to mention the height of the nose make it look very muscular and purposeful. It's striking and very much a headturner, especially in that it looks nothing like anything else I've seen. The R8 is utterly dull and pedestrian next to it.

I would also stress that while I went in considering the pearl white but then probably black, black would not do justice to the contours of this car, you need a highly reflective colour that reveals all possible shadows to accentuate the lines. It will be breathtaking, rather than acceptable if you choose the right combination.

I've gone for solid white with black full leather electric seats. I believ they are memory seats. No mention of folding mirrors.

I was disappointed at the lack of adaptive cruise control. There's not a lot of additional tech available, but keyless go and rear camera were standard.
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Great info, thanks Adamantium

the 1000 cars per year in the US should be no surprise

as I mention elsewhere Honda BSed everyone when the S2000 came out by saying 5000 cars for the U.S. per year and then sold 7500 in year 1

the Mandatory CF roof in your region is surprising (give us more money chap)

will you you be invited to tour the factory?
I was surprised by the choice of the CF roof too. Considering how much it is in the US it makes the base price of £130k more palatable, and that's before talking about the other options.

Trouble for me is that, with a white car and a carbon roof, I now think I really need the other external carbon accessories to allow it to match. £7300 (might be £7100) for a carbon diffuser, side blades and a front lip seemed excessive to me.
When I was specing my car, also a 130 R build, the only CF I considered was the roof.

my sense is the other stuff just tacks on so you could get that later.
Illuminated door sills in the UK are £3000 - circa $4200!!!!!

In the US they are $1500.

Since they are an accessory, there's no way I could buy those in good conscience. I'd rather import and retrofit.

I figured the same on the exterior carbon.

I've also gone full leather but I think I'm going to switch to leather and alcantara, and will do the carbon engine surround.
3000 pounds for the door sills

i would love to be in the meetings where these pricing plays get discussed
The country by country pricing is interesting.
In the US black brake calipers are standard with red and silver at extra cost
In Canada black, silver or red brake calipers all cost the same.
In the UK carbon roof is standard?
Yes, standard.
I'd swap it for the nicer wheels though.

I wouldn't be surprised if you could swap the UK wheels for the black standard North American wheels.
I think gadgetman on the forum has ordered the optional wheels on his NSX.
Perhaps you could convince him to order the base wheels and exchange them with you?

I'm thinking air freight both ways might be cheaper than gadgetman ordering the optional wheels here.
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I wouldn't be surprised if you could swap the UK wheels for the black standard North American wheels.
I think gadgetman on the forum has ordered the optional wheels on his NSX.
Perhaps you could convince him to order the base wheels and exchange them with you?

I'm thinking air freight both ways might be cheaper than gadgetman ordering the optional wheels here.

Yes I am going with optional wheels in polished. And though the suggestion could work, I would not do it... sorry. Reasoning: I hope to have my car sooner than Oct and will drive it till late fall winter here in N/E. I would not swap wheels and have tires remounted and re-balanced. That can be costly when doing theses sizes, plus there is risk of damage to wheel and degradation or damage to tires bead. Yes the alternate plan could be entire wheel and tire exchange. However, that would be a NO as well because most important ... for me anyway, I want my car to match the day one build sheet. That is especially important (for value) should these become valuable/collectible in distant future.
Again, sorry I would not help. In the end, you may like the interwoven wheel more than expected. Or maybe buy the Y wheel directly from US later in if still important. Or wait a bit and maybe take offs will be available at discounted pricing. Personally I do like the standard Y wheel. But to me it looks too much like everybody else Y style wheel (which have been around for some time). And I prefer my car be a little different than the masses. Juss sayin'
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Thanks for considering it Gadgetman but it's not something I'd entertain either. By the time you factor in shipping and import duties etc. all of which is dead money, even in spite of the points you make, I wouldn't bother, I'd prefer to import a new set.

I could be really stupid and pay $22,000 for the hideous blade wheels.
Hi Adamantium, thank you for the update.

I actually placed an order in November 2014 with Gatwick Honda, I only recently touched base again and was advised there had not been an update. How many people and who arranged the UK launch?
Something is wrong in afraid. All U.K. deposit holders who have a car allocated to them were invited over a three day period.

There was a dedicated password issued by post to enable you to select your preferred slot.

It's possible you didn't get this invite but were supposed to.

It was organised by Honda UK.

Call Honda customer services and make sure you are one of the 101.

November 2014 is right on the edge of making it into the first 101. Everyone after that is noted but they don't accept money from them as they can't guarantee them a car since they've not been promised any stock beyond the first 101.

Good luck and keep us informed.
Hi mate, thanks for your prompt and insightful reply. They took my £5000 off me no questions asked and I was also advised that I was the 'first on their list' and that email was dated November 2015. Looks like I haven't made the first 100 and they have just held on to my money for circa 18 months, but we'll wait for a response first. Incidentally, when I called for an update some months ago the receptionist didn't take my name or contact number correctly so I had to chase again!
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I'm waiting for my dealer to come back to me - I have emails stating that I am one of the 100! pfirestorm - did you go the launch event too?
Hi mc-blue

i went to Hedsor House
i have never had any confirmation from Honda UK about my position in the food chain, my thoughts are if you were in the 1st 108 on the list you would have had an invite
i suspect there were a few who have pulled out ( hence the reserve list) due to the price. I for one will be having sleepless nights paying for it and I guess even more once I take delivery ( are we going targeted due to its rarity?
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Pfirestorm, my dealer is crown Honda! Am sure they were just fine about.

Not so keen on the blue myself and especially not for the premium. The red however! Although it's the most popular colour.

What do you think about being limited to only nasty looking wheels?

Also pleased since I can drop it off myself for service and don't have to risk my allows on the low loader. I had this service with my first GTR and they were famous for allowing the straps to rub wheels and bodywork down to the metal.

Apparently there have been no dropouts. I guess people are comfortable that they can sell on their deposits. Demand seems to be insane and supply pathetic so though it's expensive, looks like a good purchase to me. Think LFA.

I may change my mind post test drive but based on the direction all the reviews are heading, I think it's going to be in higher demand. Add to that when people see it in the flesh.

Personally since the deposit was £5000 I reckon at Nov 14, mc-blue is at the bottom of the list. My friend was also around then and he was invited with delivery in place for April 18.

Being told you were first on the list is nonsense though.

Either you are first on that dealers list or first on the reserve list but if the latter, they shouldn't have take a deposit, especially one that big.
Hi Adamantium
Funnily enough I was the same about the blue until I saw it in the flesh, together with the red it does look stunning.
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I don't know Lee or Tim, I ordered from crown Bushey but it's the same company.

I know that all deposits were immediately registered with Honda U.K. before anyone knew they were crown only supplied. Supply is therefore strictly in order of deposit placement - as it should be. Seems logical to me.

It didn't occur to me to see if I can bump myself up the queue.

I prefer the delay as I have some uncertainty about buying it due to other financial commitments.

I was really disappointed in the colour charts. The grey didn't look the green that we all know it is. The pearl white looked silver. The flat white looked yellow. The silver looked gold and the blue looked cheap!

I was tempted by black but it hides those lovely lines.

Which interior/options did you go for?
no I don't own an nsx

The Tokyo motor show this year I couldn't even get near the car due to the crowds, luckily I found a Honda person and we talked about it so I got to see the White RH drive car up close and personal

Getting in and out of a LH drive car is always going to be different
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How did you remove the carbon roof option and why? You're paying for the expensive option but not getting it.

Yes Gary Hedge.

I live in Radlett but work in Bushey.

so if you're still driving the GTR look out for a silver 65 plate Jaguar flashing at you tomorrow morning
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