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Under Car Tech Session

5 June 2006
Metrowest, MA

I was hoping to float something I have blatantly stolen from the Boston BMWCCA that I think is a great idea. A couple of times a year they have a meet where they put the car up and a tech goes through a specific part of either the mechanical operation and/or maintenence of the car. As someone who is pretty non-mechanically inclined, I think it would be a huge opportunity to learn from other members in the community who are more knowledgeable about the car. I don't know whether this would be sponsored by a dealership or perhaps some of the very qualified other members of the community here in the Northeast, but I figured I would throw it on the table. Is this something other people would find interesting? I don't mind doing the legwork of setting it up if there is interest.
Larry B was working on this concept as a possible event in Connecticut, that way more people from the Northeast would be able to attend. I'll check with him when he returns from Japan.
I'd be happy to host it at my dealership:wink: