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unofficial nsxpo premeet.

23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
RSO34 is driving his van with full load of nsxers in it and he arrived Seattle yesterday.

I did send him a PM regarding meeting for dinner, go kart, or coffee...etc. Ideas and locations are open, in case "the tourist" missed the local attraction, and depends where they stay.

I knew a few of us can't make the nsxpo, and few of us going to nsxpo hardly know anyone on Prime. (ahem Arnon... :) )

Hopefully he will give us a call and we can organize something in next few days.
I'd like to join you guys...but honestly I need to spend as much time at home as possible since I'll be gone for 3 nights/days in Portland.

If something comes up that's reasonable, I'll be there...but otherwise I'll just see them at XPO.
Bob texted me back this am and they'll be up on Mt. Rainier for 2 days. He may call me when they come down. I'll give you guys a call when they decided to meet up.