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Updated Rear End

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
After getting rear ended and having to replace the tail lights and rear bumper I decided to go ahead and upgrade to the 2002 rear end. Just got it back from the shop on Friday. The updated look really seems to add that little something to the rear of the car.

thats a nice ass :biggrin:
Nice improvement -where the heck are the exhaust tips? You need a nice aftermarket exhaust with some nice tips - I have the '02 rear valance on my '01 and I went with the Comptech exhaust and I love it. Fits the valance perfectly and is nice and quiet until you get on it.
where the heck are the exhaust tips? You need a nice aftermarket exhaust with some nice tips

Already have a custom flowmaster exhaust on there, but I agree the stock 94-2001 tips kinda disappear so probably will look into some different tips.
That looks fantastic! Got any 3/4 pics?
What pieces do you need and how much does it cost? I like the 02+ rear and am thinking about the conversion myself.
You can replace just the taillights, the rear valance, and the rear stay (a bracket used to mount the valance). I also updated the bumper but that was because the accident and isn't needed.

taillights - $800
Rear valance and stay- $700

+ paint and installation (i don't know what that would run since that was covered by the insurance company, would imagine a couple hundred bucks)
NormRD said:
Not the best pic but hope this helps...

That really does look nice, great work!
Lime Green NSX said:
Is that the same white that Honda used on the Preludes??? ( Frost White )

It's sharp! :biggrin:

It is Grand Prix White same as the S2000.

And I love the updates!