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  1. MarineNSX93

    NA1 MT Transmission Rebuild

    NA1 1993 MT Trans, 135k Miles. OEM clutch has 30K on it and works great. I have changed the fluid 2 times with Honda MTF since 90K miles. 2nd gear grinds all the time from 1-2 during high rpm or quickly. Very annoying. I believe it is the synchronizes or the actual gear itself from reading the...
  2. Big McLargeHuge

    Powertrain Used 1990 Automatic Transmission

    I know everyone's been waiting with bated breath for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own my used low-mileage stock automatic transmission removed from my 1990 JDM NSX for a transmission swap to manual. The transmission had no issues when removed, all shifts were smooth, confident...
  3. N-Wing

    6spd Manual Transmission Problem: 3rd Gear Keeps Popping Out

    It's been a while since I've been on the forums but necessity has brought me back in... I had noticed over the past few years that my car would periodically slipping or jumping out of gear. Wasn't even sure what gear since it was infrequent. I thought maybe I was not pushing in gear possibly...
  4. Big McLargeHuge

    Powertrain Used 5-Speed Transmission & Clutch Parts Grab Bag (JDM Gears, Shims, etc.)

    Presenting several of my leftover parts from my recent 5-speed transmission rebuild and manual swap. Used unless otherwise noted. Most of these will be thrown out or used as wall ornaments if they don't sell. Willing to ship from ATL, buyer pays for their desired shipping method, don't worry...
  5. Big McLargeHuge

    5-Speed Countershaft Reverse Gear Clocking

    Me again... I'm putting my old reverse gear back onto my new NSX-R 4.23 countershaft and notice both the gear and shaft have oil holes at the same "height". Of course, the FSM doesn't show anything about these holes and I didn't take note of how the gear came off when I was pressing it. How am...
  6. Big McLargeHuge

    5-Speed Gears & Mainshaft Replacement

    Greetings everyone, I'm in the middle of my 5-speed transmission rebuild. It already has the JDM shorter gears for 2-4 installed, and I'm putting in the NSX-R 4.23:1 countershaft, ring gear, and oil pump drive gear as well. I've completely disassembled both main & countershafts for inspection...
  7. Big McLargeHuge

    Big McLargeHuge’s 1990 JDM NSX Adventure Thread

    Hey everyone, I'm Tyler and I’m pretty new to forums in general but wanted somewhere to document my journey with this car, give credit to some long-time members that have already helped me through old forum posts, blogs, FB posts, etc., and hopefully help some current and future owners if they...
  8. Track Addict

    5-Speed Transmission

    Hi Prime, Selling my 5 speed transmission from my 92 NSX. WAs in perfect working order before being pulled. The reason I am selling is that I swapped in a 6 speed gearbox. Transmission has 105k miles on it with about 10k track miles zero issues; no pops, grinds. Perfect condition specimen...
  9. Big McLargeHuge

    WTB: 5-Speed Transmission w/JDM Short Gears & 4.23 Final Drive

    See actual post below :wink:
  10. Drive train slop, loud bang when shifting

    Hey NSX Prime. New owner, this is a great place for info. Thanks for all of it. I have an NSX with an aftermarket clutch that I just picked up. Generally ok to drive, but if I drive it hard, the shift from first to second is so violent it sounds like the engine is trying to bash through the...
  11. help! do i have a snap ring failure?

    context: 92 5-spd MT, ~97k miles, IN SNAP RING RANGE i was just on the highway chugging along at like 35mph in rush hour traffic when i heard a sound as though i was dragging a piece of the exhaust shielding on the ground or something. got worse when i got off the gas. stuck it in neutral and...
  12. Powertrain WTB Kevlar twin disc clutch kit for a 1992 manual transmission

    Hello Prime People! I am getting my clutch kit replaced, and it was recommended by my uncle/mechanic to get a kevlar twin disc clutch kit. I have done some browsing on the internet, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. If anyone has a new kevlar twin disc clutch kit for a 1992...
  13. Powertrain SOS twin disk carbon clutch

    I have a used sos twin carbon thas about 4k on it grabbs like no other. Peddle is very close to stock feel just more of a on off than a gradual engagement its just to aggressive for me . Going SOS sport. Asking 1800+ ship clutch is still in car just sitting on the lift waiting to come out.
  14. bonhamsurf

    WTB; Drivetrain geaers and anything to handle 800+whp 91 NSX. Possible Group Buy Too!

    I have a 1991 800+whp NSX. When I had was ony 642whp, I snapped my driiveshaft in half shifting from first to second with drag radials on, which over revved engine and caused me to bend a valve spring. Since then, i have totally upgraded Turbo and all components inducing doing a Brian Crower 3.4...
  15. bonhamsurf

    Drivetrain advice, suggestions & experience from anyone 4 high powerd NSX for please

    Drivetrain advice, suggestions & experience from anyone 4 high powerd NSX for please Aloha, I have a 1991 NSX that made 674whp and 502wtq on 92 octane with a flex fuel system so I can run E100 ethanol, but had the chance to tune on ethanol, but should have been close to 800whp. My engine is...
  16. chussey

    Custom Urethane High Performance Engine Mounts

    For sale I have a set of four engine mounts with custom made urethane inserts designed and installed by Prothane in LA. Prothane also made a full custom set of urethane suspension bushings for my NSX that work and feel awesome. I am unsure of the hardness/durometer of these mounts, so I am...
  17. chussey

    Magnesium Engine Cover

    One magnesium engine cover. Some scratches and scrapes, as shown in photos. The scuff in the middle of the top goes into the metal a small amount, it wouldnt take much to fill in before repainting. $250 shipped
  18. chussey

    Engine / Motor Mount

    One NSX engine mount for models with a manual transmission. In great shape, still tons of life left. $120 shipped
  19. Turbo Lab Straight cut Gears

    We are currently working with a company to have a custom gear set build for the 5 speed transmission. We are very early into this project but designs and gear ratios are in prototype stages currently. The shift pattern will remain the same but will have a straight cut lift to shift gear set. Cad...
  20. ca2822

    Transmission problems

    Just dropped my NSX off at Honolulu Acura to get my NSX looked at. It's a '92 in the snap ring range, but had the issue fixed a few years back and has an SOS clutch. I was driving and into first from a light I just felt grinding and I was unable to shift without really jamming it into gear. I...
  21. chussey

    WANTED: Blown or Damaged Engine blocks, heads, transmissions, parts.

    Looking for any NSX engines or transmissions, whole or for parts. Blown or damaged units are Ok. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  22. Powertrain WTB: 6 speed manual transmission

    Looking for the entire assembly. Prefer the full synchro version, I believe it is A61 version. thanks in advance!
  23. gstowell

    Powertrain Replacement 5 Speed MT

    Need rebuilt 5 speed for '93. Can adapt 6 speed if necessary.
  24. WTB: 5 spd transmission non snap ring NY/NJ/CT

    Hey if anyone has a 5spd transmission laying around that's not in snap range shoot me a call or text, thanks! 917-861-0958 dan
  25. Prospeed

    Powertrain 91-96 NSX Transmission Rebuild kit, NSX-R Short Gears and NSX-R Final Drive!

    SOLD! Thanks Prime!