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Suspension Used KW V3 with top hats for sale

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21 September 2002
Lawrence, MA
Hi guys,

I'm putting up my used set of KW V3 with top hats for sale for $2,100/OBO shipped through UPS. PM me offers.

These coilovers have about 10K miles on them and about 50miles of those would be from auto-crossing during the summer of 2014. They work great and the only reason I'm selling these is because I ended up buying a Bilstein K4 racing coilover kit from Procar. These KW V3 are coming with my top hats and were corner balanced when all I had done to the car was comptech headers, comptech exhaust, suspension (obviously lol), removal of engine cover, removal of inflatable tire+bracket, removal of trunk tools + CD changer, Volks RE30s with S.Drives on them, and with a 165lbs for driver weight. These should be able to be installed into any mildly modded NSX and already be setup with great weight distribution. In regards to ride height I had about 2 finger gap at each corner between the top of the tires and fender edge so the car was dropped but not slammed either. It's was almost perfect height for good looks and daily driver duty. I've marked each individual coilover so you can place them at the appropriate corners. Also I put some little black vinyl caps on the top of the coilovers to help protect the rebound tool interface from dust and water.

One thing I would like to note is while packing these up I discovered that one of the black dust covers was cracked and came off the yellow bumpers for one of the rear coilovers. I was able to put the dust cover back on the cover and glued it in place so it shouldn't come off. I have the original box that looks like it has seen better days (I had my old struts sitting on them for 2 years now) but I duct taped the box so it shouldn't be a problem for shipping. If you'd like more tape I could add more per your request.

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The KW V3 have been ****SOLD****. Modertators please close thread. Thanks
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