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Used NSX Prices

5 September 2000
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Some thoughts on a often asked question.

Let us give a hypothetical 94 NSX with 40K miles a nominal "blue book" price of 40K. It would not surprise me to find that used 94s, depending on condition and mileage, could vary between 30K and 50K.

Why such a wide range? The delta of prices is related to the universe of available vehicles and demand. The reason a delta exists at all is because of the specific requirements of buyers and sellers.

In my own case, I have a 94 with 14K miles. At what point am I willing to sell the vehicle (This assumes that "all" men have a price!).

If someone was to offer 50K, I might say a sale makes sense, based on a 40K median price for a typical 94. Would I sell? No.

At what point am I willing to sell? 60K is very tempting. 70K appears to be downright foolish to turn down. At 75K, you got a car. Why does it take 75K? I don't know!

Actually there are quantifiable reasons, however, the point is that if a buyer wanted a 94 with 14K or less miles, and could not find a comparable car, and learned of my vehicle, and the price he was willing to pay was of significantly less concern than condition, color, etc., then we could come to a deal.

A good guide for buying a vehicle is realistically set your parameters and be patient.

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