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Valentine One radar detector

23 October 2000
Saint Augustine, FL
I am thinking about getting a radar detector to be on the safe side. Is the valentine one really that much better than all the others? What do you all suggest?

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Absolutely!! Valentine One is the best. I've owned many detectors and nothing compares. I have three of them!! One in each one of my three cars and I couldn't live without them.
As is the case with most products out there, you get what you pay for. The Valentine unit is not cheap, but don't hesitate to spend a little extra -- it's worth it. There is just no comparable detector on the market. I love mine, and it has paid for itself with accurate, directional warnings.
Is the valentine one really that much better than all the others?


What do you all suggest?

The Valentine 1.
I wouldn't leave my house without my V1. It's saved me many times; easily paying for its price tag.

I have had a V1 for many years and just noticed on www.radartest.com that it placed third in a comparison test. They had the new Escort Passport 8500 as the best on the market. That test really surprised me.

I think the price is why it placed third. If I remember correctly, it beat the other 2 marginally in almost every field test.

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V1 is the best for several reasons.

1) Even if it weren't more sensitive (which it is), the directional and number of sources feature would still make it better.

2) It is more sensitive. It consistantly outperforms other detecors in magazine tests. Also, other models have significantly degraded their ability to detect older forms of radar as they have added new ones. The V1 is still great for ALL tyoes of radar. This is very important as many police and highway patrol units are still equiped with older generation radar.

3) The antenna is bigger. Compteting brands sacrifice antenna size to get slim, attractive product designs, but there is no way to make a smaller antenna that works as well as a larger one, based on similar technology. Its just basic physics. That difference in design philosophy alone is enough to convince me which is better.
4) Upgrades. Whenever Valentine 1 comes out with a new function or improved performance, they provide the ability to send back your current Valentine 1 and for a reasonable charge, they will upgrade it to their newest technology.
I read the reviews and the escort 8500 sounds pretty great! Anyone have one of those? What do you think?

NetViper -= looking to get an NSX before I turn 26! =- Didn't make 25 :(
Valentine 1 is absolutly the best radar out there...but it costs like $500. If you want a radar detector that performs almost as well...about 90-95% as well as the V1... but costs way less then look at the newest Bell unit. I forget the model name on it but it runs about $200 and is an excellent unit... so good that some magazines have rated it as good as the V1.
this is what they said about the valentine one

If this were 1991, with X and K-band radar the primary threats, the Valentine One would have fared much better in this shootout. In the straightaway test, in unfiltered X-band mode it heard the radar from 7.5 miles away, good for a solid first-place ranking. At the same site it also scored within feet of the BEL and Escort in the X band city mode and K band tests. It was considerably less adept on Ka band, trailing the BEL and Escort by nearly 17,000 feet, almost 3.2 miles, and a critical shortcoming in an era when Ka- band radar guns are everywhere.

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All I have to say is... It's got arrows!!! Once you get use to the directional arrows, you can't go back. Don't you hate that beep! then you glance in front of you a few seconds and then look in your rearview mirror and then to each side? With the V1, you know where it's coming from and believe me those few seconds saved scanning the surroundings will save you!

Here's a scenario where only the V1 would have helped. Flying by the, 'Your Speed Is XX mph' radar signs, obviously the V1 was going crazy, however this time the LED said 2, indicating 2 signals (I can't remember of 2 bands were going off too). So I slow down and there was a cop hiding behind the radar sign! I was suprised as I thought the V1 was doing something screwy, but luckily I had slowed to 5 mph over only.

The cops in my area use Ka band and the V1 picks it up fine. Also, my local Home Depot uses X band door openers (7 of them) and Walmart K!