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Valentine Radar: can you only purchase from the company?

1 September 2000
Austin, TX
I recently purchased a Silver 1991 NSX and I figure that a Valentine One is a must. My question is can you purchase this detector from any other wholsaler etc. or must you purchase frome Valentine.

Thanks in advance.
Just bought one this week. It arrived friday and i used it on the drive to Houston and back. It saved me 3 times.

92 Red/Blk
I finally broke down and ordered the Valentine1. I just got it yesturday and I was field testing it last night. It seems to be really sensitive(by design), but I'm wondering what modes to use. There's 3 different modes: AllBogey, Logic, Advanced Logic.

For those experienced with using Valentine1, what modes do you run and what scenerios I should switch modes.
You have made the most important purchase/modification for your NSX with the V-1 IMHO. I use the logic mode (small 'L') all the time. I never use the "Bogey" mode as it picks up everything. I rarely use the Advanced mode (upper case 'L') unless I'm in a city. As a matter of fact, my V-1 saved me when coming home from work this afternoon which surely would have been an expensive ticket otherwise.
I use the Advanced Logic mode(L). Since most of my driving is city. When i am on the highway away from the city, i change it to logic(l). I too, don't use all bodey mode.

92 Red/Blk