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Valve cover question

15 January 2005
DC Metro area Nokesville
Gentlemen, I have a qustion on my hands.
My x was overheating because of the head gasket. I decided to pull the motor and replace the head gasket with SOS's gaskets. While Im in there, I will replace the timming belt , water pump, ARP head studs, replace the hoses with blue ones from ebay. My question now is around my Valve covers.
While I was stripping them to prepare for powder coating, I noticed some chips missing. (see photo)


Valve covers are chipped and I wanted opinions on if:

1 can they can be fixed?
A. Welded up
B. Epoxed
2 will the missing part will surely cause an out leak?

3 you can insert suggestion here..

Thanks for your assistance in advance ..
If you want a suggestion, just sand-blast them to remove the old paint, then freshly respray them in red to look nicer:wink:
For the chiped areas simply use some some silicon there, I do not think it will cause leak as the gasket still fits and gets compressed there.
I would avoid any welding there as they are made of Magnesium, not sure how to weld this, and of course the inner welding seam could ruin the gasket.
There isn't anyway to repair these magnesium valve covers in the areas that you are showing. The one area around the timing belt isn't a big deal, this is more of a weather seal than oil seal. The other two areas are on the outside and shouldn't be a problem. If you could find a good used set for a reasonable price this may be an option.

I would be VERY careful using a sandblaster on magnesium parts. The sand will eat it up quickly and pit the machined areas. Use paint stripper to get the old paint off.

Magnesium is very porous and has a tendency to "Off Gas" when you heat it during the baking of the powder coat. This will leave some small pockets in the powder coating where this occurs. I think that is why Honda used a wrinkle finish and didn't use a finish that required being headed to bake it on. When was powder coating even developed?

If I had my heads off I would surface them, consider replacing the Lost Motion Assemblys and replace the valve stem seals too. http://www.scienceofspeed.com/products/engine_performance_products/NSX/ScienceofSpeed/LMA/

Where does it end??????? Are we at the 3.5 Stroker yet?????

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I just used a chemical stripper and it is working really nicely.
but those chips are just a major issue for me.

Also LMA's are going to be ordered and the heads have already been resurfaced (See my horror story when I took it to the machine shop).
I also will do a valve adjustment and reworked injecters..

I just need to make more money so that I can finish this project!!
I agree with the first reply. You cant really fix them but if they don't leak its not a big deal besides for the looks if they are in a visible area i wonder if when they were previously removed someone tried to pry on the corners with a screwdriver or something.. that's my idea of how they became chipped if not dropped
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