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Vehicle Speed Sensor-Easy tap location?

4 December 2001
San Pedro, Ca.
After doing a search with no luck, may I ask of an easy location to tap the Vehicle Speed Sensor, which my new navigation requests I do. Thanks :confused:
I'm not sure if the instrument panel is the same on later cars - something I recall that the pugs were different.
On an early car, it's a yellow/red wire on pin A-21 on the green plug that goes into the lower right corner of the panel

This wire also goes to the ECM, the Cruise Control & the EPS - the EPS may be the ideal location to tap off if you are locating in the glove box area.
That would be pin A-12 on the EPS module, again yellow/red.
If possible you should check with your service manual for your year to be sure nothing has changed.

Here's an extract of the EPS schematic -



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mandrewz said:
..... D'Ecosse knows everything :smile:

Apparently not - What made me think you had a later car? :confused:
Luckily your name isn't Jack!

Is it an auto?
Of course it won't have EPS unless it is (Although I wonder if the harness and plug is still there??? Hmmm - that would be interesting to check .... )

Do you need the diagram for the instrument panel?
:smile: Well, almost everything (considering I don't recall every meeting you in person). My car is a manual (6-speed thanks to Chris a SoS), so no p/s.
I would rather not pull the instrument cluster (done that before thanks to Stacy), so where else might I be able track down that little yellow with the red stripe wire? Where is the other end? Where is the Cruise Control module? Thanks again :wink:
It would be nice to connect ultimately - I "hear" you have a pretty nice sound system, be good to compare.

You don't have to actually pull the panel - just the peripheral parts, knee bolster & the brace behind it to get access to the plug

However, cruise control might even be easier - I didn't actually realize it was in this location behind the glove box.



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As I was passing the GPS antenea lead past the ECU I noticed a yellow/red wire staring out at me, but then I started noticing that other things had yellow/red wires too :confused: . So I did as you suggested and grabbed the one behind the glovebox at the cruise-control unit plug. Thanks again for your help. :biggrin:
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I'm trying to do something similar on my 92' so I dont have EPS.
Any idea for the speed sensor/pulse wire ??

thanx in advance
I just completed my install and I hooked at the power steering computer it was closer to the stereo. I would guess the wire color changed in 95 to orange from yellow/black. I saw that there were various shades of orange wires all over the place, just make sure you use the correct one.
NorCalwhite said:
I just completed my install and I hooked at the power steering computer it was closer to the stereo.

Ah, you must have done this for the Eclipse unit. I was doing the same install this weekend and that VSS wire made it all the way to the back at the ECM. :)

Yes, tons of choices to tap into...