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Veilside kit discontinued???

31 August 2008
hey guys sorry if I sound redundant but this is my first post on this site and I really like the veilside body kit however i heard it was discontinued. Is that true? If so do you know where i can get that kit?
yeah I saw that too omega! What does that even mean? Usually if a product is discontinued it is permanently discontinued but I never heard as a consumer "temporarily discontinued" LOL This is a big deal for me bc i am purchasing an NSX with hopes I can purchase this kit. This would be a real bummer if I cant get it anymore. Any suggestions...
If you have 85k then you can buy Firesun's Veilside NSX with CTSC.
WOW guys that ride is the sweetest NSX I have ever seen but unfortunately I just need the kit LOL MAN OH MAN! If I wasn't buying a house I would be all over that WOW!
The temporary status may be due to many things. I know veilside redesigned the fortune series supra body kit and discontinued the older design. Maybe they are doing that to the NSX kit.
do you know anywhere I can purchase this kit from omega? I can't find it anywhere this sucks maybe its a sign LOL I'm actually thinking to just go with the 2002 head light and front bumper and hood conversion with science of speed but I really love the look of the veilside
Call up Veilside USA.. I believe they have some kits still in stock.. Ask for RAY.. He's a cool guy to deal with...Veilside USA's number is 310 835 5684