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Vendor with best priced 02 rear valance?!

31 October 2011
Which vendor(s) can get a hold of an 02 rear valance oem or replica at a good price? Or are any group buys running currently? No luck in the For sale section, need one ASAP!
Pm source nsx
Spend the extra couple dollars and buy OEM from Acura of Peoria. Great service, great prices. After all, you can never beat OEM fit and finish! At least that's the route I went.
Hit up source one everybody
i was in your shoes a while back.. i ended up going for the Seibon Carbon fiber tb rear valence... looks similar to the 2002+ and down force w/o the middle fins...

I paid about $490 shipped to my door.. from CORSPORTUSA ... i see the price went up slightly.. but they were the cheapest i was able to find for the time..
There's a thread about the Seibon Carbon Fiber rear valance floating around somewhere and some good information.

From what I remember it was almost half the price as an OEM or DF valance, but it needed to be reinforced by some brackets. I think it would've been the option I would've done if I hadn't had a set of Stacy Spats traded to me.