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13 May 2000
Near Rotterdam
Spend today getting the evaporator out of the dash.

@%#$$%&@#%&*#^&*@#!#@#$@$% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in the manual it looks so easy..............

Just wanted to share.............

Will post pics..............
You mean nobody told you about the secret access method which cuts it down to a 20 minute job???

Ha ha, just kidding. Did it look a lot like this?


Deja vu!

My seats and carpet are still in. I don't understand why Honda has put that SRS box on that place!!!!

Scrathed the handbrake a little. One vent on the right side wouldn't come out.

At least i'm not alone...........
My Mercedes tech has told me to get rid of my Benz when the evaporator goes. Apparently, the car is practically built around the unit.
If you only scratched one part thats a testament to your patience!
I've done a few evap replacements myself at the shop. My ass doesn't fully relax until I've put it all back together and there aren't any scratches! The only part that poses a threat of scratching something IMO is taking the dash out of the car. You guys know how tight the cabin is.
It's a pretty cool job though.
(no to play on words).
Barn Man..
Why are you guys needing to take the evaporator out of your "reliable" NSX's????

I'm planning on getting a used one but everytime I turn around I find another costly job is needing to be done on these cars ;(

Evaporater is "one of those things"... Any car can have one go and a lot of it has to do with how the car has been maintained.

No car is bullet proof and lots of NSX's are being bought second-hand. It's tough to gauge how reliable a used car will be.

Just because a manufacturer has above average reliability ratings doesnt mean nothing is going to break.

So yeah, the "reliable" NSX's, as you put it, can break...

What other costly job were you referring to? I hope not the timing belt because that is a standard high mileage repair on any car...
Now wonder it cost me about 1,200.00.
Look at it this way if you dont make more than 1,200/day @ work your ahead.:).Thank God thats overwith in my car new compressor while we were @ it.


Now that I think of it...the only other item that is a reliability issue is the snap ring and window 'thingies', but then those are things that can be fixed if you're aware of the potential problem.

You are right, a clutch job and timing belt are simply maintenance, and a tradeoff for a used car.