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vince's auto body works saved my soul

3 October 2002
This thread is written in praise & thanks to Vince’s Auto Body Works. As you probably might know, my car sustained quite a wack to the driver door due to an 18 wheeler in April...


These are the heroes, & their stories:

Joe Lomoriello aka pbassjo : big kahuna, a teddy bear. KNOWS the geometry of nsx like mad. Obsessive to detail, & customer first. Wonderful experience to talk & debate with him parts aquisition or favorite rock bands or jazz musicians. Fights for customer in disputes against insurance weenies. “No can do” is not in his vocab...

Jeff: performed door transplant, & grafting of all original interior parts. Door fits like a glove.
Rebuilt fasteners for internal fascia. Decontaminated car of all broken glass, & bad “carma”

Lloyd: superb paint & clearcoating. Dead-on match of paint shade, value, & chroma. Perfect....

Jimmy: drove 2 hrs to flatbed my baby. Final detail man, who worked his magic, delivered car
detailed & glowing for my reunion after 4 weeks.

Penny: keeps office flowing & promotes a high level of interaction when a customer calls. Provides tasking for joe, & compliments his hands-on at all levels of this operation.

This, my friends is a TEAM. They surpassed my expectations, & returned my “baby” better
than before. Heaven forbid any of you need damage control for your nsx, but rest assured that
if you do, Vince’s will make it right.

If I’ve missed anyone in Vince’s, I apologize. Your help & care is duly noted & appreciated.

As a followup, I had the distinction of planting my left headlamp bezel into the butt of a deer...
Go figure, no other damage!! Long story short...secured replacement...joe painted/clearcoated part... & overnighted it to me for the long July 4th weekend. Part arrived perfectly within a week, & ready to go. Another success!!!

this thread of thanks is the least I could do. YOU’RE THE BEST!! :smile:
Doc, thanks you for the endorsement and for sending the little headlamp door insert pieces from your broken one.
I have another NSXer customer who is ever so thankful for this extra effort (jnlnjr packed them and shipped them on his dime). It saved him the cost of new headlamp door. :smile: