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Viper butt whuppin'

11 February 2000
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
I had a great time a few nights ago when a local Viper GTS and I played a little bumper tag. And man did I get my ass whupped! But just to hear the sound of that V-10 at full cry was well worth it.
The other driver pulled up next to me on the freeway and we both downshifted and let it go. He was kind enough to slow down and let me hear that exhaust again and again. He even let me get past him a couple times so he could hear my Comptech headers and muffler at 8,000 rpm.
I knew going into it that I wouldn't last a second in straight line acceleration, but it sure was fun to hear that Viper pull away!
I absolutly considered getting one. Untill I sat in it...I didn't even take it for a test drive. It was like sitting in the seat of a semi....looking out across the vast expanse of sheetmetal that was the hood, was like looking at the sky meeting the ocean.
No, I wouldn't be interested in one. What I like about the NSX is the driveability and the sophistication. Heck, my wife could drive it (if she wasn't so intimidated about hurting it!) I think the elegance and performance and reliability in one package is without peer.
My friend just got the Comptech blower installed on his 91 and tested it against a 95 GTS Viper. He beat the Viper ten time over. Granted, he has the comptech headers/exhaust aswell.

Don't you wish you could have surprised that Viper with those goodies?

94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd
Perhaps he raced an RT/10? The GTS version didn't come out until '96. A '96 GTS has 50hp increase over a '95 Viper. I tried to get an RT/10 guy to race me a few weeks ago but he didn't try.
Gaymond Lee
I don't know about you guys but the only Vipers I see having bald guys delivering pizza!

Just kidding we had a commercial on TV with a bald guy over 40 driving a Viper delivering pizzas and looking at/trying impress the 20 year olds. After the commericial starting running my wife wouldn't even let me look at Vipers. Good thing as I really wanted an NSX anyway.

PS I'm over 40 and thinning... yes I look at the 20 year olds too..

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