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VIR Souith course?

2 December 2004
New Orleans
Does anybody have any NSX times for VIR (south course)? There is a poster on Rx7club.com under the Race tech section name Fritz Flynn who is running 1.16's....that seems very quick.

He has a website where he runs down a 500rwhp Z06 and a modded GT2 pretty awesome videos.

The cars specs are 330rwhp 265's up front 285's in the rear with a race weight of 2600lbs with driver.

Just wondering what some NSX track rat run out there. :smile:
last time I was there and got timed I ran a 1:17 and numerous 1:18's

not bad for a practically stock nsx... (only have sway bars).

Fritz Flynn is a Mazda instructor (I am as well) and he is pretty quick no doubt. Those cars are lightweight, powerful, and handle well.

What are you times on the full course in the mostly stock NSX? Just curious.
Last time I was timed i was able to nail a few 2:21's and many 2:22's. Street tires. (S03's)