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VIR was a BLAST!

5 August 2001
Camp Lejune,NC,USA
Saturday at VIR (Vergina International Raceway) was well worth the drive for me. There were 4 Ferrari Challenge cars up there (2 F355,2 Modena). They even had a Proche GT1 there, that just flew around the track.

Jason was tearing up the track on his first run, and I got the chance to ride along on the second. The only cars that passed us were the Ferrari Challenges, but we were passing guys like it was going out of style(135 on the straight). I will let Jason elaborate on that when he gets a chance!

Well I took a lot of pictures and as soon as I get them developed I will get them posted up here. I would encurage the rest of you that didnt make it to make an effort next time, you wont regret it!

-Seth (USMC)
Glad you made it up Seth. It was more of a blast having folks from "Prime" up there with me. Seth, Jason Weaver, and his buddy Matt were all very nice (although Matt has a 996tt
), and we had a great time talking cars, driving and mods. VIR is by far the best track I have driven so far (only my third
), with 135mph straights and many spin out curves. I cannot wait till next weekend when I go back.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan

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Hey guys, I had a great weekend! I agree with Gary, it was great to meet and hang out with fellow NSX owners/enthusiasts at the track. Thanks a bunch Seth, I hope you enjoyed the ride
. (Saw 141 mph on the speedometer on the back straight today
)Although I still have a great deal to learn I was very pleased for this being my first time out ever. I wish my brake mods would have made it in on time, oh well I have a great platform to see how I can improve with the mods next time. Gary, I thoroughly enjoyed talked with you about the cars today as well as being out on the track with you. You did AWESOME our last session! Keep in touch and let me know if you are gonna run next weekend! Thanks guys! I will post my pictures on a seperate thread asap.

Originally posted by nsxtasy:
Saturday at VIR (Vergina International Raceway)

I thought it was spelled V... Never mind.

So that would make this thread the vergina monologue?? Sorry, couldn't resist...

Andrew Henderson
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"We have long acknowledged that enthusiasm for things automotive is a sure
sign of emotional instability if not outright dementia"
- Brock Yates
141mph! That is quite the improvement!

What is happening up there next weekend? Hopefully I will make it up!

I really need to change my brake pads and fluid so I can get out to the track and join in this kind of fun. Seth, do you have an NSX? I thought I was the only one in Jax.
Hey WildBill,

I see you around town occasionally but I haven’t gotten the chance to talk to you. Sadly I am only an enthusiast, but I hope to start my own NSX search VERY soon. Jason was running stock brakes up at VIR and did a fantastic job. I guess there is supposed to be another event up there this weekend you should really try to make it, I am sure you would have a great time!


E-Mail me if you plan on going up, mabey we could car pool up there.

[email protected]