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Volk wheels

17 June 2003
Washington DC

Last weekend I purchased a stock Black/Ivory 91NSX.
I love the car, but am not very fond of the stock wheels.
I see that many members have Volk wheels, and I am not familiar with that company. The prices seem fairly reasonable. Are they a quality manufacture? I live in Washington DC, where the roads are not the best, so I am concerned with durability as well. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Nate in DC
I got LE37T's from Volk and I love them! Ray's Engineering makes a number of great, fairly lightweight wheels and I think you'll be happy with the quality and finish of any of them. The only downside is that if your local dealer doesn't have your sizes in stock and it has to be ordered from Japan it can take up to 90 days. Well worth the wait in my opinion though.

I have a set of Volk GTPs with the diamond cut finish. It is a beautiful wheel.

I believe the Volks are a two piece modular design.

I am by no means a wheel expert but I think the Volks would be considered on the tier below the three piece modular rims such as HRE, and Fikse.

As Arshad mentioned, these wheels are imported so you may need to wait some time for them.
Volk does make 3 piece wheels, it just depends on which model you get.

Out here, the lower the better! gimme those 30 series rubber bands :D