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Vroom Stopped By Today.

24 March 2001
Neenah, Wi
Vroom stopped by today after finally getting his car out for the year. All I can say is this is as close to a F1 sounding exhaust as it can get. He can fill you in on the details.

Top Speed headers, test pipes. Sorcery GT exhaust.

I just did a complete refresh on the motor. Installed an aluminum flywheel and oil cooler (lots of room in the widebody fenders).
Cometic head gaskets, gen 2 water pump, t-belt, harmonic balancer, hoses, all new seals and gaskets throughout. Basically have new motor. She runs real strong...
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Wow, that sound is truly one of a kind, just like the car. Nice work VRoooM. You get an extra point for living in WI :smile:
congratulations...your car is really one of a kind... i salute you on your taste and ability to do your own stuff....
Vrooom - You ever get accussed of being called a Ferrari wannabe? :tongue:

Yeah, quite often. But then again I did before all the bodywork also.

I think it's the color more than anything. If the car was black... blue.. anything but red I don't think it would have the stigma. I admit the tail lights are very F430-ish. When I get done with the new rear hatch and exhaust tail pipes I don't think it will be so ... well you know:tongue:

Personally, I think it looks more like a combination of a GT and ALMS car. Or at least that's what I was shooting for.
it looks like the lego version of the F430

What? your comment is an insult...:frown: This is one of the most original tricked out NSX's on Prime!! Most of us are lucky to get a set of side skirts to line up, and he basically builds a car from scratch?...Go do a search and follow the buildout on this car.....I think you might appreciate the skills he has, not to mention the countless hours and money that went into this project. Nobody asked for an opinion on this thread, just the fact that Vroom stopped by.. Sorry to rant, but I really appreciate the effort that went into this car!!!! :smile:
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Whoa... I haven't been up-to-date on the posts... But VROOM your car is absolutely stunning... I appreciate all the work thats been put in to it... Are there more pictures of your car lurking around ? Please post them :D
Mate as always the car sounds and looks like TITS!
Thought I would post a few pics of the interior also. Still have a few issues to work out with the electronics but everything is mounted and working. New seats also.