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VTEC question

20 April 2000
Minot ND / Las Vegas NV
I was driving my friends 00 Civic Si coupe today and I noticed when his VTEC kicked in it was like it was a different car! Same with a 97 lude I drove. My VTEC is barely noticealbe I was wondering if I have a problem or is that just the way it is????
don't worry. You don't have any problem with your car.
I think all the honda cars such as Prelude, type R, S2000 all have more noticeable vtec kicking in feeling than nsx.
I've a 97 prelude SH and I feel the vtec kicks in a lot harder than nsx. I think it's because the nsx has more torque at low end so you don't feel the vtec kicks as at high end that much. I could be wrong..just share my thought!
back when my NSX was all stock, the VTEC kick-in was quite noticeable. Now that it has exhaust and intake modifications, I dont feel it much more. Or maybe I got used to it and dont pay any attention to it. Hum...I need to double check.

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