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Intake VVIS plate, missing two butterflies. Suitable for gutting for a turbo conversion.

4 January 2017
My NSX lost two of its VVIS butterflies into the bottom of the intake manifold last year and I replaced the complete VVIS plate assembly. My old VVIS plate assembly is now just taking up space in my garage.

I haven't inspected the internal threads on the shafts, but the threads on the screws (recovered from the intake) were completely gone. I wouldn't recommend trying to return the assembly to a serviceable state.

However, if you're adding a turbo kit to your car and want to gut the VVIS plate for maximum airflow (see MotoIQ article on this), why not gut a plate that's already damaged and keep your serviceable VVIS plate intact?


Fifty bucks plus shipping from the UK, and it's yours.
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