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Weight Conscious? Want to lose over 14lbs? – STMPO Aluminum Rear Bumper Beam

4 January 2010
Straight from our site:<O:p</O:p

“The NSX Lightweight Aluminum Rear Bumper Beam is a direct bolt on replacement of the factory rear beam. The mounting points of the license plate and valance are kept with strong nutserts and tabs and use of OEM hardware for additional benefit.

This replacement beam weighs a total of 8.8 lbs, and is much lighter than the original factory steel beam and also the aluminum replacement Acura made in the later models.

OEM 1991 Rear Beam Steel - 23.7 Pounds

STMPO Aluminum Replacement Beam - 8.8 Pounds

Weight Saved - 14.9 Pounds

The STMPO Race Products NSX Lightweight Aluminum Rear Bumper Beam is superior to the other replacement beams on the market. It retains the original length that keeps the foam in the rear bumper cover, retaining the factory spec 5 mph bumper benefit”<O:p</O:p

If you are track racing, trying to keep the pounds down or just trying to update your car with the latest STMPO product the Aluminum Rear Bumper Beam is for you.<O:p></O:p>

The product is worth every penny in the weight saving alone. <O:p</O:p



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