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Wet weather traction...?

19 August 2000
Newton, MA
My friend and I were having an arguement last night...He is a domestic guy, and I love imports, especially Hondas (and Acuras). I was telling him that my next car will probably be a used NSX.

Anyway, he was telling me that there's a saying for the NSX, "when it rains, you die". He was telling me that the traction control works improperly in the wet and causes the driver to lose control of the car. Also, he said that no NSX owner drives his/her car in the rain because of this.

I am very scepticle of what he was saying, but even so, I'd like to hear some true opinions...since you people own these fine machines. Is there any truth to what he was saying?

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Sorry, but I think your friend's cheese has slide of his cracker. Tell your friend to drive one in the rain for a while and then have your discussion.

PS Your Lude looks nice.

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The NSX is fine in the rain. The TCS works great. The TCS may not be what you want on a dry racetrack, but that's why they give you a switch to turn it off.

Sounds like your friend, who is "a domestic guy", is just looking to diss a foreign car. And he probably thinks American cars are built just as well as Japanese cars, too. Yeah, right...

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Your friend should get some firsthand experience before he makes judgmental statements to an enthusiast! I have had my '91, shod with OEM Yok's, on the racetrack in a downpour and felt no ill handling effects. I drove countless laps all day long and I can tell you that the car accelerates, brakes and corners predictably in the wet even at triple digit speeds. I was able to hunt down and pass Z28s, SVT Cobras, M3s, Ferraris, and more!
There have been more than a few threads on this same subject in this forum. Have your friend read some of them, or better yet, have him buy an NSX and try it himself. He'll soon be eating his own words.

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Thanks guys, I knew I was right...as always! I gotta show him this thread when he gets back from vacation.

'97 Prelude Type SH- some little mods

I live in Oregon and the local dealers is one of the top NSX dealers in the country. Go figure it rains here 9 months of the year. I've only had my 95 NSX break lose once. I took an hairpin turn at about 35 in the rain. I just turned the wheel into the turn and punched it. The NSX straighten out perfectly just like you dream about. The face on the guy going the other direction in his Carrera 4 was interesting.

This just does not compute. A recent track event was marked by 1/2 day of rain and I was able to finally drive the NSX in the rain at speeds above 100mph. WITH THE TRACTION CONTROL ON, the car behaves itself quite nicely. There were a few Porsche 911s that were not that lucky that day and had to be towed out of the tire wall. Most of the Corvette owners just sat it out.

Don't be afraid of the rain in the NSX. Respect the laws of physics and behave yourself and you will be fine.

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Originally posted by hejo:
The face on the guy going the other direction in his Carrera 4 was interesting.

Wow, amazing you had the wherewithal and focus to not only correct your potentially devastating situation but also see the facial expression of another driver going in a different direction AND identify the exact model vehicle he was driving (c2 vs. c4). Kudos to you!
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Maybe he had a digi cam recording the whole thing?

When it comes to 'gonna wipe out' situations, I generally seem to focus on the car, not the street names.