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What are your favorite cars from a styling/design perspective?

17 July 2002
SF Bay Area, CA
I am interested in hearing what NSX owners like in automobile styling. What are your favorite cars from a styling/design perspective? For me, number one is the Jaguar F-Type concept.

Jaguar F-Type Concept Pictures

I actually put a deposit on this car just a couple of weeks after seeing it at the Concours weekend in Monterey. But after a couple of years, the project was cancelled so Jaguar could focus on core cars like diesels and wagons and they gave me my deposit back instead of having the car.

My other favorites of all time are the Ferrari 250GT California Spyder, 246GTS Dino, and F355, the Lexus SC400 Coupe (particularly the first generation, before the silly styling tweaks), and of course the NSX (also particularly the first generation, before the fixed headlights).

How about you? I am curious how much overlap there will be among NSX affectionados.

The list would be long. But just a few to start:

My all time favorite and ATTAINABLE, if you can find a clean one. = Jaguar E-type coupe.

Toyota 2000GT

Ferrari Dino:
1.) Acura NSX
2.) Ferrari F355 GTB
3.) Ferrari 246 Dino
4.) Ferrari F40
5.) Lamborghini Countach 5000S
6.) Lamborghini Muira SV
7.) Janguar E-Type
8.) Bugatti Type 57
9.) McLaren F1
10.) Ferrari 250 GTO
In no particular order:

Integra (JDM DC2)
edit: CRX (2nd generation ED9)
edit: Civc hatch backs (CVCC and EG, EJ, EK)
edit: Jazz/Fit
Mazda RX-7 (3rd gen)
Toyota Supra (MKIV)
Toyota MR2 (MkII)
Porsche 911 (any gen)
Nissan Skyline (R34)
Aston Marton (Vanquish, DB9, Vantage)
Lotus Esprit
Ferrari F355
Ferrari F40
Ferrari 360
Saleen S7
Lamborghini Countach
Lamborghini Murcielago
McLaren F1

...think that about does it...each one I like in their own unique ways.

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I'm likely in the minority, but I still like square and boxy.

Nissan S13 Silvia
Nissan R32, R34 Skyline
Mercedes CL/SL - circa mid 1990's
BMW E36 M3

And the other non traditional stylings:
Jaguar XJ 220
Ferrari F50
Favorite cars that will take a miracle or serious breakthrough for me to obtain:

NSX NA2 Type R
Ferrari 288 GTO
Carrera GT
Diablo GT

Favorite cars that I can obtain without a miracle.

02+ NSX
NA1 NSX (current car)
Skyline R34
MKIV Supra (current car)
3rd gen RX-7 (possible next project car)
Fearri 360 Modena
2000 Viper GTS
996 Turbo
Aston Martin AMV8 (It is the nicest looking Aston Martin imho, will also be most affordable)
Ferrari F355
Alltime favourites: Lancia Stratos, Jaguar E-type, BMW 507, first Datsun Z series (the latter two were designed by the same guy AFAIK: Albrecht Graf Goertz). The prototype of the Datsun GT is of course not far away from the Jag.
1)Jaguar XJ220

2)Auston Martin Vanquish S V12

3)Koenigsegg CC S8

4)Porsche Carrera GT

5)Ferrari F360 Modena

6)91-01 Acura NSX
Well for this one you guys are already located in a place with tons of pictures of these so I guess no point in posting up a picture of the NSX :)
7)Mazda Speed RX-7 GTC
That Jaguar e-type and toyota 2000gt are two of the most phalic looking autos I have ever seen! I could not drive a car that looks like a penis going down the road.
Love the NSX, JDM Integra Type R, Ferrari 360 Stradale, Nissan R33 and 34, and maybe a heavily custom Hemi Cuda (Joe Rogans Sick Fish) or Charger.