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What body kit was it?

25 May 2003
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I saw an NSX today with a body kit that looked to have a dali/mugen style front air dam with a similiar side skirt with no vent openings. The rear lower valence was flared slightly out and down with two holes for the exhaust to vent. The rear valence is quite low compared to stock and is solid all the way across with just the 2 openings for the tips. I was told by someone who knows the guy that it was a complete kit not a mix match, any ideas?
The front and sides looked pretty much the same as but the rear valence is completely different. Imagine a solid 8 -10 '' extension dropping down from the rear bumper all the way around the lower edge of the rear bumper with just two cut outs for the exhaust tips.
This it?



I believe Prime Member "Veleno" had these on his NSX before as these pics are from his site. He called it a "JDM Rear Apron." Might want to ask him.
looks like Back yard special carbon flap
That must be it but I think it may have been different still, it was on a red car and it seemed the exhaust holes were bigger. Might have been a color effect with the "black" cutouts against the red.
See post by ffffanman ,just posted about body kits (B style), thats the complete kit but it still has no name other than B style. Must be a Canadian thing. :wink: